It’s time to write the mission statement for my new venture.  This means asking myself, what is it I hope to achieve, what are my goals?  More importantly what words sound the most professional and impressive?  Serious stuff, and I don’t often do serious.  But, if I am going to be a successful business woman/educational consultant I need to learn.

So, what is it I hope to achieve?  I want to provide interesting and interactive learning opportunities. Opportunities that combat the chokehold the government seems to have put on creative subjects.  Much as there seems to have been a bit of an about turn on the eBacc, there is still a push towards academic rather than creative.  I just want to put creativity back in the classroom.  I want to provide opportunities for students to engage with poetry and Shakespeare by allowing them to approach them actively.  I pride myself on being able to teach a whole Shakespeare play, without hardly touching the text.  Obviously that only works for KS3 but it’s one hell of an effective way in.  Get them excited about the story THEN talk about the text.  I want to merge Drama and English and then, when I have the equipment, throw in some Media Studies for good measure.

Much as it all sounds great and passionate, it’s not quite right.  It sounds like a grown up Veruca Salt, all sound and fury but does it really signify anything?  Perhaps intend is a better word than want.  I intend to create interesting and interactive learning opportunities, bringing creativity back into the classroom.  Through engaging and student led learning opportunities I aim to provide students to engage with poetry and Shakespeare by allowing them to approach them actively.  Something like that.

So far I have about ten proposed workshops from Pirate Sea Shanties to GCSE preparation.  Most of them combine literacy and Drama, one even gets a bit of numeracy in.  The next stage is creating resources and building a brand.  At least I think that’s the next stage!  I also want to find a name for my company; I’m thinking The Creative Forge but haven’t settled yet.  Suggestions are welcome! 


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