First draft opening of book two – Diary of a Hunter.

This just happened – instead of working on the edit of book one, book two just started (spoilers pertaining to the end of book one removed!)…


It’s been a while…  To be honest after the events in Hemingford this hardened hunter of the supernatural had to take some time off.  To be even more honest I nearly lost the mission.  I’m still trying to figure out what exactly happened there, not too hard, mind, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to deal with it.  I’m just grateful it wasn’t any worse. 

Still, one thing I am sure of, that was not the ‘thing’ I felt coming.  That was.  Well, that was bizarre and heavy and, Jesus Christ.  Anyway, I think things are about to get a little bit weird.  Again.

You know when you get that feeling?  The one that sends fight or flight instincts into overdrive?  That feeling that says something is very, very wrong indeed?  This morning I woke up with that feeling.



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