Thessaily’s Workshops – Description

The final (?) draft of my workshop ‘mission statement’ – this will appear on the website followed by a contact me link which will then give details of costs and availability etc… 

Thanks to everyone who read the first draft and suggested revisions – this is the culmination of all your comments!


Thessaily’s Workshops offers a range of Creative Writing and Drama workshops for KS3 and 4 students.

 A range of bespoke workshops can be provided based around a school’s needs, alternatively schools can choose from a range of existing workshops.  Details of the range of existing workshops can be found on this web site.  Bespoke workshops will be devised following discussions with the school about their precise requirements.

The main objective is to provide interesting and interactive learning opportunities, bringing creativity back into the classroom.  Through student led learning opportunities, Thessaily’s Workshops aims to enable students to engage with poetry and Shakespeare, for example, by allowing them to approach the subjects actively. 

Working with groups at KS3 or 4, Thessaily’s Workshops can deliver a range of workshops and activities using and exploring a host of creative writing and drama techniques to develop interesting and exciting projects. From devising sea shanties to script writing and poetry, Thessaily’s Workshops uses drama and performance to make creativity and exploration fun and exciting for everyone involved.  Students will have the opportunity to write and perform their own work in a high-energy setting.

Before setting up Thessaily’s Workshops I taught English, Drama and Media Studies at secondary level for a number of years, during which time my students were renowned for winning both creative writing and poetry competitions.  Currently I am working as a freelance workshop leader and writer. 

At KS4 I have taught the AQA specification for English Language and Literature as well as Media Studies and Expressive Arts.  I have also been an Expert Examiner for Edexcel for about 5 years.  With a good understanding of GCSE specifications and exam board requirements I can work with students to help improve exam technique as well as running engaging and interactive workshops across KS3 and 4.


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