Morning snippet

I am so excited about book 2 it’s unreal!

“While I mused over my apparent knee jerk reaction and tried to come up with a suitable excuse when Miller called back to say he had nothing and wasn’t I perhaps being a little over sensitive to ‘vibes’ these days, the day seemed to undergo a change.  Nothing dramatic, like sudden storm-clouds or an unexpected eclipse of the sun.  Not even something simple like a cloud passing over the sun.  Nothing about the day actually changed and yet everything did.  The sun kept on shining and the gentle breeze still whispered over my skin and through the grass bordering the parking lot, only the whispers were not so much the gentle susurrations they had been.   Instead they took on a sinister quality, sneaky as if there wasn’t a breeze after all; something was creeping through the grass, slowly stalking me.  The sunlight changed in tone as if someone had changed the filter on the day.  Everything seemed starkly bright the quality of light similar to that of a bulb the split-second before the filament goes.  Nausea struck my stomach like a physical blow, and I doubled over gasping for breath as the sinister breeze continued to tickle my arms and neck.  I grabbed the doorframe for support and, using my other sight, looked again around the almost vacant parking lot.  I expected to see something that perhaps ‘regular’ sight could not, I felt like I was under physical attack although if I was the assailant was invisible.  Invisible assailants usually meant some kind of psychic attack and for one this powerful, the perpetrator had to be nearby.  I was hoping to pick up on some sort of resonance, a change in energy that would hopefully lead me right to whomever it was causing all this.

Other than a  muddied red glow coming from the motel reception, a twin glow moving between rooms, the maid and motel guy respectively – I could almost hear their angry thoughts – there was nothing.  Not Donnie Darko like trail leading me to an evil psychic with a grudge, no ethereal footprints tracking off into the distance.  Nothing.  The day was clear.  The only evidence that something was decidedly ‘wrong’ was the rolling sickness in my stomach sending waves of nausea through me.  Biting back bile I turned to head back into the room.

The scene before me, on reentering the motel room was beyond horrific…”


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