It’s been a while – where we’re at.

It occurred to me I haven’t really blogged about how things have been progressing in my ‘new life’ for a while.   Mainly because I currently seem to be in a holding pattern; I’ve started to organise the website, I’ve written a mission statement and planned five workshops so far, the descriptions of which I have also written up for my site, but I can’t go any further with that until the website is completely finished.  As I’m a week and a half away from a mystery trip to somewhere in or around Thailand, and three days away from visiting an exceedingly pregnant friend, just before she pops, I’m not really going to be discussing logos and colours etc. until I get back.  I could be teaching but as I’m back and forth so much I made a decision not to start supply teaching until May.  Consequently there’s not exactly been a great deal I could write about.  However…

For the time being, I’ve let the workshop side of things take a back seat in favour of Camp NaNoWriMo.  Although I am not in the country for part of April, I figured it was still good motivation to get me started on book two.  It may seem a little previous to be working on a second book while the first one is in the editing stages however;  1) the ideas are there and if I don’t pin them, like butterflies to the page, they will fly away and 2) I’d like to have two books under my belt before I star touting for publishers.  Also, I can edit book two while trying to ‘sell’ book one.  That’s my plan anyhow.

I am currently enjoying the writing process far more than I did with the first one, mainly because unlike book one, which I spent years planning ad researching, I don’t really know where book two is taking me.  I have an idea of certain characters that will make a reappearance and I know vaguely how they come back into the narrative but that’s about it.  I’ve also discovered a much more gruesome side to my writing this time, which I am loving!  Book one was also a real labour of love, an attempt to prove I could actually do it and not an easy process at times, whereas book two has a lot less riding on it and is consequently so much more fun to write.

Overall I am still happy I made the crazy leap and gave up everything to follow a dream. Right now I think I’m doing the best I can by that dream, in the future, when I’m supply teaching and trying to build the business I hope I can hold true to the dream and not let the doubt start creeping in.

Incidentally, if you are a school looking for someone to come and work creatively with your students, please take a look at Thessaily’s Workshops, the link is on my blogroll (somewhere over there ——>).  Not everything is there yet but you can message me for further details.


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