So far, so good.

Thought I’d just drop in with a quick, where I’m at update…

The house is finished and the garden a work in progress still…

Alcove in Master Bedroom
Lounge Gallery.
Finished Bathroom
Garden – halfway there!

I’ve let the workshops drift to the sidelines for a bit as I’ve been painting, like, a lot!

Small acrylic and Promarkers on canvas for a friend’s birthday. Very aptly this image popped into my head whilst doing yoga – it’s almost “I HAD A DREAM ABOUT YOU…” but not quite!
Photo 1.2
The owl (Errol) and the pussy cat (Captain Nine Tails) went to sea, despite the fact Errol had sworn never to sail with a pirate. Not after the last time and certainly not in Aunty Mabel’s beautiful pea green boat. Acrylic and Promarkers on Canvas
Ken and Robinson the Nothing Fish – Acrylic and Promarkers on canvas. Again this one popped into my head whilst attempting to meditate. I was trying meditation because read a book by Ken Robinson which suggested it. Hence the name of the fish…

The aim now is to have a collection of at least 10 paintings which I will then put up for sale on, probably, a shop on Big Cartel as well as through my Etsy shop.  It’s not too big an aim seeing as I’m already up to 8 and a half! All my work  so far is now on my tumblr;

I’ve given myself til September, as I can’t get any teaching work til then, to paint and set up the shop and then I guess we’ll see if they sell.

Watch this space…


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