2013 – A Year in Review

It seems nearly everyone in the blogosphere and socialnetworkverse is looking back over the year and reporting the various highs and lows.  So I figured I may as well do the same, as Ron Burgundy would say “when in Rome” (actually he probably wouldn’t as that’s the correct usage, I think…). 

All in all I think I had a pretty good year and, thanks to Facetube’s Year in Review, I was able to look back and double check facts before I rambled on.  According to my status on the 1st January; “in 2012, I wrote a novel, took away the safety net, momentarily lost and then rediscovered my fun side. 2013 is a year of challenges, new opportunities and making life what I want. More importantly it’s about not shying away from opportunities and making every experience count. Bring it 2013. I’m ready.” You may feel perhaps taunting the New Year in such a way is foolish but what can I say, it’s how I roll.     

2013 has indeed been a year of challenges, opportunities and making life what I want.  I packed up my life, hopefully for the last time in a long, long while, and moved myself and my faithful and trusty hound from the civilisation of the Home Counties to the wilds of Norfolk.  I found and lost a relationship, but in the process discovered I could make time for someone in my life and that even if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t break me.  I was bought the most amazing shoes by the most amazing people, for my birthday.  I painted more than I have done in years, I’ve not sold any yet, not really (my parents had two, in exchange for one month’s rent, and my boss is going to buy one, honest!) but I have produced enough to exhibit and I’m sure art shows are going to be the way forward.  I’ve blogged and photographed and probably annoyed the hell out of everyone I know with my endless self-promotion.  I’ve discovered I really don’t like weddings, despite being a bridesmaid for the third time this year and getting to do a wonderful reading of Fulghum’s ‘Things I Learnt in Kindergarten’, although I do like a good disco.  I travelled to Borneo and saw monkeys and monitor lizards in their natural habitats, took over 1000 photographs, got eaten alive by mosquitoes and almost set fire to my head, lighting pockets of methane gas in a mud volcano.  I drank and I partied and thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with people I have grown to love even more than I already did before I moved away from them all!  I dyed my hair blue and camped and visited museums and saw Bon Jovi for the 5th (or 6th?) time.  And I got more tattoos in the space of six months than I had in the ten years previously.

Looking back I’m aware the last paragraph reads as quite possibly the biggest brag in the world ever!  To balance things out I’ll allow that 2013 hasn’t all been amazing, for a start it will forever be the year that Matt Smith hung up his bowtie for the final time.  I swear I shall never again hear the words “Raggedy man, goodnight” without having a jolly good cry!  In all seriousness though, I’ve had many moments of doubt, really big ‘what the fuck have I done to my life’ doubt.  I’ve tiptoed around the edge of a really deep hole in which I hide the remnants of my depression.  Once or twice I’ve nearly had a relapse.  I’ve discovered the hard way that I still trust too quickly and get hurt too easily.  But the good completely outweighs the bad and, compared to what a lot of other people have endured, none of it’s that bad.  I’ve had a friend lose vision in one eye, just before her wedding, the result of a detached retina, one that should be healed and still isn’t.  My best friend lost her beloved dog on Christmas Eve, the only light in that dark was that he outlived many people’s expectations.  If I think I’ve circled depression, I can name others who have been sucked down into the depths of theirs and are still struggling their way out.  Other people have lost relatives, some closer than others or suffered illnesses, either themselves or through their loved ones.  All in all I am grateful for the year I have had because, overall, and despite the fact I sit here with less than 50 pounds to last me until the middle of January (after bill obligations are settled that is) and miles away from most of my friends, I have achieved so much with very little compromise.  Exactly how I intended to spend 2013!

Ultimately, I would say 2013 has offered up exactly what I hoped it would, with a couple of unexpected gems, John Hurt switching on the Christmas lights in Cromer and the afternoon I spent with some of my closest buddies helping to rescue a beached seal, spring to mind.  There have been the predicted highs and lows along with some that were less expected.  Certainly I’d gladly revisit portions of the year, Christmasland in Thursford and The Cromer Christmas Spectacular are set to become new family traditions, just as much as I’d happily not repeat others.  I’d definitely recommend my 2013 to anyone who is interested or who owns a time machine.

And so goodbye 2013 it’s mostly been fun!  2014 I have only one thing to say to you – bring it!!!



Note – my father has commented and pointed out I omitted a very important fact, 2013 was also the year I realised, yet again, how amazing my parents are.  It’s the truth, there’s a lot I couldn’t have done if it wasn’t for their endless support and boundless generosity and I am in no way obligated to say that.  I mean it, sincerely, truly, honestly.


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