So, 2014. My good friend Kitty pointed out “2014 is like space age or something”. She’s right, it is, it also sounds exciting, a year of promise.

Well, currently, it’s a year of staring glassily in the vague direction of the telly at Julie Andrews’ famous family-fixing Nazi-dodging singing nun, while wondering if the headache and sickness is going to return or if I am home dry. Not, I’ll admit the most auspicious start but a fairly common one. I’m fairly certain if I cared to look back I’d find most January 1sts have been spent the same way since, probably, I was old enough to raid my parent’s drinks cabinet.

One thing which is less common, for me, is the making of resolutions, other than the customary “I’ll never drink again, I swear” morning after declaration. As I have already blogged, I’m not a fan of resolutions. However, I think if I were they’d probably read a little something like this;

Admittedly ‘lose at least 4 stone’ is a little excessive – I have gained some additional Christmas Ballast, fortunately not quite that much – but the other three are spot on. Looking at them they read more as rules to live by, three steps to a happy and balanced life.

And so while I wait for Andrews and Plummer to realise they are meant to be together, and not just for the sake of the kids, I shall avoid making rash declarations like, I shall blog every day, make more sensible life choices or join a gym and instead consider, who it is I really like and what fun shall I have first. As far as I’m concerned, other than continuing to push my art and writing, the promise 2014 holds is the promise of large amounts of stress free fun with those I genuinely love.

In the words of the Von Trapps, and until next time, “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye” – may 2014 bring you whatever it is you seek!


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