A New Direction

So after painting The Phoenix I thought I’d have another go and see if it was just a fluke. My first try, earlier in the week, although swirly and blendy was also somewhat flat. Realising part of the charm was the rough canvas I’d used (The Phoenix was painted on an old canvas I’d made several abortive attempts of ‘texturised’ paintings on) I set about recreating the effect.

In the end I did two paintings, one on the prepared canvas and the other on canvas paper. Both I am actually very pleased with. Even more pleasing was the discovery that my parents have bought me a stack of canvases to get on with. I absolutely love creating these pieces and, once I have a couple more finished, hope to discover people love to buy them just as much!

The Phoenix

The Phoenix – detail

Mandarin – actually still drying at this point!


20140111_130529 20140111_130523
Aurora – detail


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