Where we’re at – Birthday Bear, learning about babies, book cover art.

This week has seen some exciting developments on the book front. Along with ideas for book two coming thick and fast, I’ve found someone to do the cover art. Literally just negotiated a deal! If nothing else the fact I’m even thinking about cover art means I’m really doing this. Up until recently I wasn’t completely sure if what I had written merited much more of my time, whether it was any good or just hopeful drivel. Although I’d had some promising feedback there hadn’t been enough to make me consider publishing. It was more that I’d set myself a challenge to finally turn what I’d been playing around with for ten years into a proper book and once I’d achieved that, I wasn’t overly concerned about doing anything with it. Actually publishing it was always a nice idea but not an absolute must. However, things just seem to have started to fall into place so we’ll go with it!

Another reason behind not doing much with the book was that I was painting so much more. I’d never had the space or the time to get on with anything in my Woking life and, as part of my move was to create both, I’ve been indulging that passion. One thing I’m appreciating more and more is that my new Norfolk life allows me to flit between the two. Although I still teach two days a week, I now tell people, when they ask me what I do for a living, that I am a writer and an artist. It’s taken time for me to be comfortable with that but more and more it is how I see myself.

I’ve also been learning about babies. This is quite a big deal for me. Obviously, I know what they are and how they come about, but after that I’m generally of the opinion that they look like squashed potatoes and have very little point to them, until they are grown up. I’m not even vaguely maternal, except for when it comes to the Tiny B. But he’s a dog, so that’s different. Thing is my friend, the Bear*, went and had a baby. I’ve known the Bear for a very long time and love her dearly, which meant I was going to have to love Baby Bear dearly or get good at faking and fast!

Therefore, it was not without some trepidation that I arrived ready to assume Aunty Bear duties. I am glad to report that Baby bears no resemblance to a squashed potato and is actually quite entertaining. By ‘entertaining’ I mean I cannot get enough of him! I’ve learnt how to feed him (without making too much mess – ahem), change a nappy (although not a poopy one yet, fortunately) and am very willing to give cuddles. I’ll even endure finger chewing and hair pulling if it’s what the little guy wants. I’m really visiting to get Bear drunk for her birthday, which is tomorrow, but I think I’ve already given her the best birthday present by bonding so well with her beautiful boy. I’m still certain having a baby is not for me, but being an Aunty is something I can totally get on board with. I’m even going to use this experience in book two – I love the idea of Amber being given babysitting duties!

*Not actually a bear, that would be ridiculous and dangerous. Also, if she were a bear, her baby would be a bear cub and therefore more awesome simply for not being human.



  1. Thank you for an entertaining read! I also am of the non-maternal type, so I got a good laugh at the squashed potato reference. Congrats on moving forward in your career with writing. I’ll be following you to see how it goes!

    • Ha, I am generally quite fearful of babies – I never know what to do with them or what the right thing is to say, especially when they look like a potato and the proud parent can’t see it =p Thank you! I shall endeavour to keep you posted!

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