Lycia Tour Diary – Dalyan, Iztuzu Beach

Lycia Tour – Day 2

Early start, equally surreal breakfast buffet and sunshine for our second boat trip.  This time we were off to Dalyan, specifically Iztuzu Beach “a narrow spit of land, which forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of the Dalyan River and the Mediterranean.” (According to Wikipedia.) It’s also well known for the turtles, they come up the beach to lay their eggs, although now isn’t the right time of year for them.  The day was so lovely mum and I even had a swim in the sea, despite our guide, Abdul, assuring the group it was still too cold to swim.  He’s clearly never encountered the North Sea or the English Channel like we have!  Most of the people on the beach seemed to adhere to the same belief as Abdul as they were all wrapped up in warm jackets and clearly very entertained by our antics!  Some even stopped to take photographs.  Most amazing, however, was the woman who, inspired by our apparent bravery, stripped down to her underwear and went in.  Several people quizzed me about my experience, once I was out of the sea, and expressed amazement at my ‘bravery’.  Actually, after the initial shock, it was in fact incredibly pleasant.  I’d have gladly spent the whole day there swimming and sunbathing.  But this is not a beach holiday, it’s a tour so, boat, lunch and back on the coach for the longest coach ride to Kushadasi and our hotel.

Rock Cut Tombs - Dalyan
Rock Cut Tombs – Dalyan
Boat Trip - Dalyan
Boat Trip – Dalyan
Yeah that's me, yeah I'm in a bikini, and behind me a ways, that's the sea I'd been swimming in - Iztuzu Beach
Yeah that’s me, yeah I’m in a bikini, and behind me a ways, that’s the sea I’d been swimming in – Iztuzu Beach
Because playing with your food never gets old.
Because playing with your food never gets old.

The hotel for the next two nights was a huge resort hotel and certainly nowhere I’d ever normally afford to stay in.  It was glorious.  Dinner was a huge hot and cold buffet, I mixed it up with liver, chicken kofte, veg and salad and two puddings.  Yummers.  We even treated ourselves to drinks – wine for mum and Efes for me.  The room was a twin double room, that’s right two double beds in the one room and, as we didn’t have to be up as early for Ephesus, it meant plenty of time to stretch my coach-bound limbs out.


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