Art not Writing

2014-04-04 17.28.06-1

So yesterday I was going to review the opening night of Cats at the Theatre Royal Norwich, which I will still do, but I got side-tracked. By art. Mostly I was side-tracked by thinking about art which, I’ve found, is a large part of the process of doing art.

I’d been working on a piece inspired by close up macro shots of butterfly wings. Like really super close up macro shots. I’d seen some pictures by Linden Gledhill – – and wanted to try to capture the vibrant colour in a painting. Sadly it just wasn’t to be. Consequently, I found myself with a half painted canvas and no idea what to do with it instead. After a bit of playing around with colour and shape I came up with some ideas. And so to work.

I spent all day trying to get the background right, each time I thought I’d nailed it, I’d go back, once the paint had dried, only to find I hadn’t. Finally, after giving up for the day and treating myself to a film (The Red Shoes – Korean horror, a little slow and a trifle confusing) I gave it one more go. This morning when I looked at the finished work, I discovered I’d got it. So, a whole day ‘painting’ and then in half an hour, done!

Awaiting the Tulips
Awaiting the Tulips

I’ve done the whole background now, ready for the tulips. I’m a little afraid of those however, what if I do them and ruin the whole thing? On the other hand I can’t start a new canvas until this one is done so I’m going to have to try. I have a K-9 to do for my brother-in-laws 30th birthday next month…


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