Diary of a Hunter – blurb

So last week I had to write a blurb for my book to go with the cover I commissioned from the wonderful Aidana WillowRaven. Turns out writing a blurb isn’t an easy thing and so I opted for a collaborative approach. First, I asked my friend Stu who gave me a lot of nonsense along with a tiny bit of gold. I took the gold and turned it into the following, which I then posted on Facebook with an appeal to my friends for feedback;

Monsters exist. If you’re lucky you’ll go through life not believing that. For most, the thought of such things as ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties is laughable, something that belongs solely in the realm of fantasy. But, for those less lucky be reassured, such a thing as Hunters also exist. Working in secret they protect the world from the groans and bumps in the night and one above all is smoking hot, and totally worth reading about.

My name is Amber Thessaily and I am a hunter. I’m what stands between you and the monsters that hide in the dark. This is my diary. Hopefully, you’ll remain lucky enough to consider this a work of complete fiction.

I knew it was a suitable description of my book but it wasn’t ‘selly’ enough. Then I got a message from another friend, who does external marketing, with the offer of revising it for me. I jumped at the chance and what he sent me back was spot on. So, thank you to my lovely friend Ben who took the words myself and Stu created and turned them into this (drum roll please) the official blurb for Diary of a Hunter:

Monsters do exist.

Ever get the feeling that you are being watched from the shadows?

That’s because you are……………

Ghosties, Ghoulies and eight legged beasties stalk the Midnight realm with only the Hunters to keep them at bay.

Working in secret the Hunters protect you from creatures once thought to only exist in the world of make-believe.

My name is Amber Thessaily and I am a Hunter.

You are holding my diary, the record of a smoking hot Hunter on the frontlines of the battle against the things that go bump in the night.

Now to finish editing…


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