When Dreams Start Coming True

I can’t begin to describe how happy I am today. Which is strange because I am a writer and should therefore have enough commmand of all the words to find the right ones for this feeling. But I can’t. Mainly because when I think about how great I feel and what words I could use, I get all giddy and my brain skews off into a mad dance and it takes ages to get it back on track again.

If I think too much I start to get palpitations, not the angsty ones I wrote about before but OHMYGODIAMSOEXCITEDICAN’TBREATHE palpitations.

I’m even finding sitting down and writing this difficult because, as my hands dance their way across the keyboard (I say dance, it’s more like a bizarre three-legged clog dance from someone in posession of two left feet), I can feel my legs twitching wanting to do their own dance, or jumping or I just don’t know.

What’s all the excitement about you may ask? Or you may decide running away from the mad jittery woman is safer.

Yesterday I started looking into publishing. Like seriously looking. I spoke to a representative from one company who offered me a really good package for only 700 of my Earth pounds. Being as I barely have 7 Earth pounds to spare, I took to the sounding board that is Twitter and asked the collective opinion there. I had one reply from my book cover artist WillowRaven , who has already done the most amazing job with my vague ‘make her look like me and yet also like Faith in the warehouse like what Buffy is in during part of the season three credits’ and ‘put her in a vest, not that vest a real vest’ instructions. (Incidentally it turns out what I think is a vest isn’t actually called a vest, eventually we had to settle on wife-beater which is the common term for a vest or tank as it is called across the pond.) The finished cover design (with that collaborative blurb I told you about ) can be seen on WillowRaven’s page here or as part of her blog here. But, I digress. Aidana said she hadn’t heard good things about either of the companies I was looking at but that she might be able to help instead.

After a livechat conversation I am proud to say I shall be publishing with her publishing service WickerApple Publishing. What this means is that as soon as I have finished the editing stage and found the money I’M GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!! I will have a book, my book, as a solid object, in my hand. MY BOOK AS A SOLID OBJECT IN MY HAND!!! Do you have any idea how fantastic that feels?

Which probably means I should stop blogging, get dressed, walk my dog and edit the shit out of my book because I, my friends, am going to be a writer. A real published writer. Once I’m that then I can be a writer who sells actual real books, and that would be just about the coolest thing ever!



  1. Congrats! That’s exciting! Have you considered print on demand publishing services? Amazons Createspace offers free publishing for your books with no upfront fees and you get free ISBNs. Might be worth looking into! Best of luck 😁

    • Thanks! It’s so exciting. I did but they still take a chunk of your royalties for the service. Once I’m paid up with WickerApple all the money is mine, plus I also get the webdesign, logo and banners which Amazon doesn’t offer =D

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