Bluebell Walk – The Great Wood, Blickling

There is one thing I left out of my ‘Things I Love About Spring’ post because I felt one picture did not do it justice and that is; bluebells. Specifically the bluebells in the Great Wood at Blickling, although any woods that are carpeted in these beautiful springtime flowers will do.

Before I moved back here I’d have to hope I made a trip up in time to catch bluebell season, as the flowers are short lived. What I mean by that is there seems to be only one or two weekends when the colour is just right. Outside of those the flowers are still evident and quite pretty but not vibrantly beautiful as they can be at their peak. Now, I have the luxury of popping to the woods throughout bluebell season until I catch the right week.

This year, I struck lucky on my first trip. Having arranged to visit my parents for the day a few weeks ago, it was my mother’s suggestion that we met at Blickling Woods (roughly halfway to my parent’s house) to walk my erstwhile trusty hound, Bertie. She’d heard through the Blickling grapevine (as a volunteer at  the Hall) that the bluebells were especially stunning at the moment. With camera in hand and dog in tow I set off to the Great Woods for a bluebell adventure. The car park was full, although the woods are so extensive we saw very few people. What we did see, however, was quite possibly the most stunning display of flora I have thus far seen.

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  1. Although all Bluebell woods are special the woods at Blickling Hall have to be the best , at least in this part of Norfolk, thanks to the careful management of the woods by the Blickling Hall estate staff.

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