Bluebell Walk Part 2 – The Great Wood, Blickling

Last Monday I stopped off on the way home from my parents’ to pick up a Geocache in The Great Wood, Blickling. It was going to be a quick in and out being as I’d previously found all the other caches on both parts of the trail. This one was a puzzle cache and had taken a little time to work out. With the co-ordinates in hand I figured I could grab it in between rain showers, give Bertie a quick run out at the same time and then head home satisfied the Woods trail was finally completed.

I hadn’t even considered that the bluebells would still be out, or that there would be so many of them. On the route I took (the opposite side of the car park to the Pyramid/Mausoleum trail) the bluebells ran from the side of the path to the very edge of the woodland. In places the smell from the flowers was quite overpowering. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take even more pictures, especially as the bluebells were now far more blue than they had been previously.


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