Holkham Beach – Stormy Day

This week the weather has been beyond bizarre, one minute raining, the next beautifully sunny, then raining, a little bit of hail, some sun and so on. Consequently I have only walked Bertie briefly in between the showers. On Friday I decided we’d go to the beach no matter what the weather. That morning we had torrential rain and hail with fleeting sunshine but it did not deter. Wrapped up in several jumpers and my parka with B’s raincoat ready, we set off for Holkham. I was actually looking forward to seeing how the beach looked in the stormy weather.

Once we’d got to the car park the weather seemed to have cleared up. Well, the rain had. I did nearly get blown away when I stepped out of my car! There were some moody looking clouds so we stuck to the woods instead of striking out across the beach. As I suspected the space at Holkham allowed for some stunning pictures of the gathering clouds.

The best thing about this adventure is the opportunity to try out two new words; while I was wandering through the woods I was subjected to waldeinsamkeit and the first picture I took shows a lovely example of komorebi. Enjoy!


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