Aylsham Flower Festival – “Reflections on War and Peace”

Friday night I accompanied my parents to the opening of the Aylsham Parish Church’s Flower Festival. Somehow I’ve become the unofficial official photographer for the Aylsham Flower Club. Technically my mother should take the photographs for the Club, but she has turned the duties over to me so that I can indulge my hobby and hone my skills. I’ve asked for an upgrade in camera equipment, in order to fulfil this role properly, but so far still I’m borrowing my parents’ bridge camera and I’m told that will just have to do.

The arrangements this year all focussed on an aspect of War, from Farming and Animals through Wartime Nursing and Suffragettes and even some of the War poets. Naturally there was an abundance of red, white and blue throughout and, as ever, stunning and clever interpretations of the theme. Among my personal favourites were ‘Suffragettes’, arranged by Ruth Fry and Jo Adams, ‘Wilfred Owen’, arranged by Carol Kisis, ‘Farming and Animals’, by Anne Colchester and team and ‘Aylsham’s Fallen of World War One’, by Lorene Rouse and team.

All in all the Flower Festival paid beautiful tribute, not only to the 60 plus young men from Aylsham who lost their lives during the great war, but to all those who lost lives or returned home injured or changed men and women as a result of this tragic war.




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