Things That Made Me Happy – The Week In Review.

This year I thought I’d try something new with the blog – a round up of the top five things that have made me happy over the week. If nothing else, when I’m working, it will force me to find the joy! Incidentally there will hopefully be other times when I struggle to narrow the list down to only five. For example; this week was always going to be a tough one with shopping trips, total house reorganisation and a busy end to the Christmas Holidays with a four day stint, over the New Year, visiting friends in Surrey. Which brings me to the first item on my list;

1. My Surrey Friends.

Even though I live away from them and only make it back about once a month, when I’m there it’s like I’ve never been away. Once in Surrey I went from Weybridge to Ash to Ascot to Woking over three days and it was more than worth it! New Year saw everyone on top drunken form and many sore heads were suffered the next day!

2. Wigs.

I’m sick of trying to grow my hair, I’m so fickle that when it reaches any length I want to cut it all off, when I cut it off I want to grow it again. As for hair colour, don’t even get me started! Finally this year I have decided to have the best of all the worlds and invest in a range of wigs (first one arrives in two weeks!!!). That way I can have whatever hair I want, whenever I want.

3. Running.

Because I can finally wear heels and my calves look amazing.

4. My Baby Boy.

Tomorrow I go back to work – sad – and B will have to stay at home and suffer my moods, as I hate being a grown up and having to work. Still, I spoiled him rotten over the holidays and we hung out and stuff and it was all good.

5. Champion.

I have developed an obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race and all things RuPaul and Drag. The thing I love most is RuPaul’s album; Champion. The title song looks set to replace last year’s anthem (Fall Out Boy’s The Phoenix) because I love it so much!


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  1. What a good and positive way to start the new year , instead of making wild new years resolutions that become hard to keep . Hope you always find it hard to narrow things down to just five good things each week.

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