Things That Made Me Happy – The Week In Review

First full week back at school, which meant this week was likely to be a bit of a struggle. Although I’d been really good at not sleeping in too late over Christmas, getting up for work just makes things harder.

There was a point early on in the week where I thought I may struggle to think of five things. Not that the week was particularly horrible, more, nothing stood out significantly, yet. At the end of each day though, I still found time to consider what had made me feel good throughout the day. And most days there was at least one thing that might make the list.

So, this week, the things that made me most happy;

1. My Parents.

To be fair they should have been in last week’s list, as we’d had a lovely day out shopping in Norwich. However, I think my excitement at my new wig got the better of me. This week, to make it up to them, they are number one. They are two of the loveliest most generous people you could meet. That’s not to say they don’t frustrate me, or me them, at times.

This week they came over to help tidy my garden, as I hated its post winter mess. Even though it was freezing, and despite my insistence that I’d be quite happy to keep working if they wanted to go in, they helped clear the dead stuff and generally clear the place up.

So, yeah, my lovely, lovely parents 😀

2. Fitting Into Clothes I Owned More Than 10 Years Ago.

Yeah, that. Mum found some skirts she made for me about 14 years ago (making me beautiful clothes, another reason why my mum is lovely). Despite my insistence that there was no point, that even with serious modification they’d never fit me, she brought them over so I could try them on.

Turns out, even though I haven’t exactly watched my weight, or worked out particularly hard, I’ve only gained about an inch. In fourteen years. Considering I’m starting my gym training for Tough Mudder this week, that inch isn’t going to be around for long. I’m dead chuffed.

3. The Gym.

I’m not sure quite exactly when I started to motivate myself towards fitness but I have, and I’m loving it. I used to run years ago until, on one night out, I got dropped on my knee. I stopped running for a while, only occasionally braving it, until this summer when, having signed up for Tough Mudder, I slowly started running again.

I love running. It was in my top five last week. However, I hate most other forms of exercise. I know I need to do more than just running to be ready for May.

With this in mind I signed up to the local gym. This morning I had my induction. I surprised myself, turns out I’m fitter than I thought, and more capable. Consequently, I’m really excited about my first proper session tomorrow.

4. Holkham.

One of my favourite things about living in Norfolk is being 20 minutes from the beach. Holkham beach is by far my favourite. I often take B for a walk there, especially if I’ve had a crappy day. It cleanses the soul. On Christmas Day I went for a run along the beach path. It. Is. Beautiful.

Even though my Saturday run wasn’t as good as I’d hoped – I managed 2.5k before my knee seized up (that old trouble again) – it was still well worth the drive out there, and the gale force winds.

5. Celebrity Big Brother.

I’m not ashamed. Last week I mentioned my obsession with RuPaul, especially RuPaul and all things Drag Race. This meant, when I heard Ru’s longtime bestie Michelle Visage was going to be a contestant in Celebrity Big Brother, I knew I was going to get sucked in. I have, and I really don’t mind. Yeah, some of it is tedious – Perez needs to stop making it all about him, and Nadia needs to butt out of everything – but it is ridiculous and hilarious.

Until next week, thanks for dropping by!


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