Things That Made Me Happy – The Week In Review

This is going to be a super quick – and slightly late – rundown as I’ve been super busy this weekend.  It’s been an interesting week, with quite a few potential entries.

In no particular order, this week’s top five are;

1. Running

I know I’ve already said running but this week I beat my PB, so, yeah running. BAM!

2. Norfolk Life

Since moving here nearly two years ago it looks like I’m finally building a life for myself. Friday I went out for dinner and Saturday hit up the local disco. With friends. New Norfolk friends. I’m finally building a life for myself here and its about bloody time!

3. Smashing My Gym Targets

I know I put the gym last week but this is different. Last week I was happy at how well my introductory session went and was looking forward to the week ahead. At the end of the week ahead I’m happy because already I’m doing more than my PT said I could. Even better, I think I can push harder. I might hate cardio but I am smashing the resistance training.

4. My Book, on Kindle

So last weekend I finally got round to uploading my e-book. This means that Diary of a Hunter is now available in paperback and on Kindle and on Total awesomeness.

5. Once More With Feeling

Both the CD and the Buffy episode. To be honest, when it first aired, I wasn’t much impressed. I thought, like the Dracula episode, it was weak and out of keeping with the show. As my love for all things Joss has grown, I learnt it was far more in keeping than I originally gave it credit for, especially when considered alongside Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along.

When sorting through my CDs last week, I found the episode soundtrack in a bag of CDs my sister gave me years ago, when she moved house. It went straight into my car and has cheered me right up every night on my way home from work. Of course I also had to watch the episode again. Love it.


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