Things That Made Me Happy – Two Weeks in Review

So the last couple of weeks have been super busy and energy sapping. Somewhere along the way I seemed to lose my motivation and this meant, even though I spent several hours on a train last Sunday, a perfect chance to get some blogging in, I just didn’t want to. Last week was a bit of a downer and, having spent the day in bed feeling pretty crappy, I figured it was high time I got back to rounding up the things that have made me happy.

And so from the week before last;

1. My Year 11 Mocks

Initially a real bone of contention when I was sat in the exam hall invigilating, as there were a number of students not really doing a lot. I remember thinking I was done with secondary education, that instead I’d like to teach adults, people who want to learn the subject and who will apply themselves fully.

I marked the student responses last Monday and more than half of them achieved a C grade or higher, out of the remaining students, only a few are genuine concerns.

Looks like I sold them short! Definitely something to be happy about.

2. Slime Queen Green

My wig arrived just in time for me to wear last weekend. At first I was nervous about wearing it, initially it made me feel very conspicuous, but after a day of mooching about town in it I barely noticed it was there.

Jump forward two weeks and I’m wearing it at any opportunity, I love my mermaid hair!

2015-02-01 12.48.43

3. Freedom

Back is September I took on Head of College at my school. It’s basically a Head of Year role – our form groups are vertical and split onto one of four colleges – and I’ve really been struggling to balance that, Head of Media Studies and my writing.

Having decided I’d see it through to the end of the year and then give it up, I reached a point where even that seemed too great to manage. In the end I did the right thing and stepped down. I moved to Norfolk to write and not work all the hours and make myself miserable. It was really freeing to remember that and do something about it.

4. Laughing at Myself

A while back I wrote a blog post on this – Self-help and Learning to Laugh. Even though I’ve been feeling quite low recently, turns out not so low I can’t laugh at myself when I screw up. This time round, rather than ending up in Wales rather than Weston-Super-Mare, I missed my train and had to catch a later one. This also meant I had to buy another ticket and, because I’d sassed my dad when he reminded me to check train times so that I didn’t miss one, had to endure his piss-taking. Laughing at yourself is sometimes the best defence!

5. Gifts

Easily the best thing to happen last week was the epic level of gift giving at my friend’s joint 30th, last weekend. A bunch of us clubbed together and organised a day out for the two girls to visit the set of Downton Abbey – they love it – along with snacks, money for food, travel and souvenirs. We even collected together enough money to buy each of them a bottle of Prosecco and a champagne flute with 30 on it. Instead of cards each girl got a collage of collected memorable moments put together by my brother-from-another-mother.

They. Fucking. Loved. It.

This week, in no particular order are;

1. Cooking

As I said, I lost all motivation this week, for everything. Fortunately I had enough freezer meals to live off, because I really couldn’t be doing with cooking. The week before was payday week and so I’d treated myself with takeout. This meant two weeks without cooking. I love cooking. I don’t love wallowing. So today, after resting up and fighting off a lurgy, I stocked up on veg and cooked myself the biggest noodle soup. Much better.

2015-02-02 18

2. This Face


3. B and Theo

Bertie does not like children. Especially small unpredictable children who like to make loud noises and throw things in the direction of his tiny face. Theo is a small child who loves both making loud noises and throwing solid objects, sometimes in the direction of a tiny dog and his tiny face.

Consequently the first time Bertie met Theo, last August, it was not a successful meeting. Not successful in that Bertie spent his entire time terrified. Therefore, it was with considerable trepidation that I took him with me to visit Bear and Theo this weekend. I could have left him with my parents, but I figured as it was only for a night he should be OK.

He was more than OK. Although Theo is still a fan of throwing things, he wasn’t as intent at throwing them in B’s direction as before. He still likes making loud noises but these are restricted to shouting rather than the high pitched squeals he used to emit. B was far more intent on sniffing Theo’s nappy than running away and was even happy to let Theo stroke him. Progress.

2015-01-31 19

4. Snow

It doesn’t have to be a lot, although enough for a snow day or two would be great!

5. Boxing Days

Or Duvet Day as some call them. Basically a designated day of doing nothing or whatever takes your fancy, there are no rules – read more about the concept here . Having woken up feeling rough I designated today a Boxing Day. I read a whole book, slept some, went for a walk as it started to snow and cooked the best noodle soup. Happy, happy, happy.


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