Things That Made Me Happy – The Week in Review

This week I was intending to look at January and, out of all the posts, pick my top five for the whole month, then, talk about this week and the things that made me happy since Sunday. I’m not going to, I’m just going to fulfil my obligation by banging down five things from this week. I’m not really going to talk about them much either.

The reason is, this week I’m more than just a bit grumpy and miserable because it’s cold, still a bit dark in the mornings and I have to do work. This week I’m not in the best place and, instead of reminding me there are good things that happen, talking about the good things is just going to make me sad because, I’m not really feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, these things did make me happy this week but now, as I sit by myself, in my house, thinking about them makes me a bit less so.

Still, I’m not going to dwell, or bitch on, I’m just going to list, very swiftly, this week’s top five.

1. My new Star Trek bag cos Kat had a T.A.R.D.I.S one and I wanted the same but it was silly money and the Star Trek bag was a tenner and has Spock and Kirk and McCoy so I got that instead.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy and Mix Tape Vol. 1 which has just been ordered  for my birthday.

3. These guys;


4. Visits with the double K and day trips out with them and my drag sister. ❤



5. Edward Scissorhands the ballet.


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