Things that Made Me Happy – Two Weeks In Review

Another bumper edition. Partly, I’ve been quite busy but also I’m still struggling with a bad case of the blues. I’m feeling quite lonely at the moment and I’ve been ill for about three weeks now. Nothing serious, just a cold which has sucked all the energy from me, in exchange for a really irritating cough. Consequently I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself and, after spending the weekend at my parents, two weeks ago, for my birthday, I realised I really didn’t want to be on my own. I’ve already said for a couple of weeks now, I’ve not been at my happiest and, I think, no, I know, this last week has been the real culmination point of those feelings. A result of overwork mainly. 


Originally I moved from Surrey to Norfolk to give myself a better quality of life and to make time for creative endeavours by working part time – living in Surrey before this, I barely earned enough to cover the necessities and, as a full time teacher, had little time to socialise or write/paint and, consequently, I was miserable a lot of the time. Over the two years since I’ve been back in Norfolk, I’ve enjoyed life so much more, had adventures, written and painted and life has been good. Since September, however, after being convinced that what I really wanted was to take on a promotion, I’ve found myself more and more in the same situation I was in before I moved. Only without all my lovely Surrey friends. 

I know I’ve mentioned, in a previous blog, that I am slowly making friends here but, right now, I have a grand total of three people, who aren’t my parents, who I can call up and be like, hey, let’s go out and do something fun. It’s good, but it’s not the same. Even though I was so busy with work a lot of the time that I didn’t always get to hang out as much as I’d have liked to, there were times when I would be seeing someone different every day. More significantly, weekends were pretty packed. Now, I’m overworked and, when I do have down time, have to hope one of my three friends is free. I know it will get better, I’ve only really begun to concentrate on settling into my life in Norfolk and that these things take time but, when all you’re doing is working or staring at the walls it quickly stops being fun. Actually, it doesn’t really ever start being fun. Consequently I’ve been pretty moany and finding the good has been hard.

I’ve still kept track of the things that did make me happy, I’ve just found it hard to sit down and go over them because I’ve been the kind of sad that is made even sadder when thinking about happy things.

So the five things that stood out for me two weeks ago were;

1. Woman In Black

Technically it didn’t make me happy as such. I mainly cringed in my seat because, unlike the movie, or the book, it really is quite scary. Still, not much manages to do that and that made me happy. Weird, I know. Dinner with my dad at the theatre restaurant was also really good. 

2. Awesome Mix Tape 1

Turns out, Peter Quill’s mom had the best taste in music. Can’t. Get. Enough.

3. Birthday Baking

I actually took my a half day at work on my birthday, usually I’m not very good at leaving work – there’s always something that needs doing. Not on my birthday. Instead I came home and baked. I haven’t done baking in years, a real shame as I love baking. 

4. Not being Alone on My Birthday

I was planning on baking, eating a nice dinner and watching a movie and, if being on my own got too onerous, I was going to text Lesli and see if she was free. She texted me anyway, as she suspected I was planning on sitting on my own and felt that was the last thing I should be doing. I’m really glad she did.

5. Quiz and Chips

Hanging out with your parents at the Rotary quiz might not sound like the most fun but I really enjoyed it. Dad and I got a bit pissed, we didn’t know even half the answers, I ate way too many snacks. What more does Friday night need?

And for last week;

1. Booking Paris

For a while I’ve had this idea I’d like to visit Paris, specifically in the Spring. A cliche I know but I really have. Last week, after a fair amount of research, and a generous donation of airmiles, my Dad helped me book four days in Paris for the week after Easter. My original plan was to wander around taking in a handful of sites without worrying too much about wheres or whens. I am, however, my father’s daughter so, the next day, with guidebook and map in hand, I plotted out three days of excursions, taking in almost every literary and artistic haunt of interest to me.

2. Family

I might have mentioned that I’ve been feeling really down over recent weeks, and the thought of spending most of half term sat in my house by myself turned out to be a little daunting. Mum and Dad were happy to accommodate me for the week, no questions, no grumbles and no begrudging any changes to original plans. I guess it’s an improvement on the mercy dashes that mum used to have to do when I lived in Woking. It also meant plenty of time to research and book my flight to Australia for the summer (which should also count as something that has made me happy but, mainly I’m terrified by the prospect!).

3. A Return to Training

Whilst staying at mum and dad’s I took the opportunity to get back into running. I’ve had a cold for about three weeks and haven’t run or been to the gym. Tough Mudder is just over two months away and I’m nowhere near ready. I planned a route around their village which covered about 3k and, even though it’s been nearly a month, I found I hadn’t lost any time compared to my previous runs.

4. Aslan’s Den

A lovely little restaurant in Norwich. They serve a halloumi burger. Just a stack of halloumi, in a bun. Amazing.

5. The Joy That Bertie Brings

Over the weekend I visited friends back in Woking and I took B with me. It meant enduring the M25 in the pouring rain, which was pretty horrific but, once I’d reached my destination, seeing how much joy my baby boy brought people made it well worth it. I also had a great time hanging out, watching Firefly and The Grand Budapest Hotel, dancing all night, drinking Gin and beating my current personal best kilometre time. 


Currently it’s only Tuesday but already I can count at least three things I could include for this week. Hopefully this means things are on the up.


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