Things That Made Me Happy – The Week In Review

This is going to be one of those weeks where I pick five things and then forever look back and think, I shoulda picked that, or why didn’t I say that thing… In other words a very good week, and about time!

The main thing that has made me happy this week, and something that I know is going to continue to do so – which is why I’m cheating and mentioning it without actually listing it as one of the five – is having my time back. I’m sad I had to give up Head of College but, this week, I have revelled in starting a task… and then finishing it. On the same day! Pure bliss. I have got my class marking up to date, actually planned lessons and finished the displays in my classroom. A-ma-zing! It doesn’t count though because it is going to make me happy next week, and the week after, and the week after that, until the novelty wears off. So I can’t really count it. But I can still mention it.

My blog, my rules.

The legitimate five for this week are;

1. Fringe

As in the show. I’m late to the party and, as a fully paid up card carrying member of the geek squad not really sure how I’m so late, but I swear I am making up for time. I started watching series one last Sunday and am about 4 episodes into season two already. In fact I need to hurry this up so I can get back to it…

2. My Kids

Not my actual kids – of which I have none – but my media kids, my year 11 babies to be precise. They are coming on leaps and bounds, one boy has managed to convert two pieces of coursework to an even C and should be able to raise his overall grade from an F to a C for coursework. When I took over last Easter, this kid would be lucky to make it through a lesson. He’s not the only one. I genuinely love them, cannot wait to see them do well and really don’t want to let them go in the summer. I wrote FREEDOM in massive capitals in my diary, on the day they leave for their GCSEs, when I filled it in at the start of the year, because I couldn’t wait to be rid of them. Now I shall genuinely be sad to see them go.

3. Late Birthday Treats

Love presents. Presents you get when you thought you’d got all your presents are even better. Presents that include that mp3 player you’ve been waiting for because the company you ordered it from messed up the order and lovely Drag Race related stuffs, because your drag sisters know you are obsessed, are sometimes the best presents. Especially when the presents you got for your birthday at the time were pretty damn amazing already.

4. Support

This week has been so much better than the last few, fact, but it has not been without its drawbacks. Drawbacks in the form of a super painful trapped nerve. This roughly translates to another set back in my training and even less time to be ready for Tough Mudder – which I’m fairly certain is going to kill me anyway. Yesterday, after three days of pain, I felt truly rubbish. I had a little cry to my parents, who immediately rushed over and vented on Facebook – something I really try not to do. The response to my post made my heart smile. Whereas I’d been worried, if I had to pull out, people would be like ‘yeah, knew you couldn’t’, instead everyone told me just trying was impressive enough, that I had the right attitude and, if I didn’t make it this year, I’d definitely come back stronger next year. With that sort of support I realised, there is no such thing as failing. I also realised that the only person who probably thinks I’m going to fail and who will judge me harshly, if for some reason I don’t make it through, is me. So grateful for the friends I have and learning not to give myself such a hard time!

5. The National Anthem

Went to the Justice Ceremony today at the Minister in King’s Lynn. Mainly a lot of singing and some churchy stuff, not the most exciting thing you can do with your Sunday morning, unless, like me, you’re a bit weird and like going to church for the singing, but it ended with the National Anthem. Which I bloody love because it’s a belter of a song. Especially the bit which goes dadadada SEND HER VICTORIOUS…….. Yeah, that =D


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