Things That Made Me Happy – The Week in Review

Before you go any further, and certainly if you are a regular follower, I feel I should warn you, this week’s top five include several recurring themes. I’m not exactly sorry, clearly I am a creature of habit and when I really enjoy something, I will make sure I do it as often as I can. It’s only since starting this weekly review that I’ve noticed how often I repeat the same things. Might have to start thinking about how to change things up a bit…

And so this week’s, slightly samey top five are;

1. Barnham

Theatre and dinner yet again. This one though, was a bit of a gamble. I’d heard Brian Conley talking about it on the radio and convinced my incredibly accommodating parents that they really wanted to accompany me to see this. Tickets were booked, not without reservations, and Tuesday night, off we went.

IMG_20150303_191517 (1)

It was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had at the theatre. A combination of musical and circus performances, with some wonderful spectacles including Conley tightrope walking and fire eating (not at the same time!) Both mum and dad were equally entertained, a real coup when you know how picky my father can be! It’s at the Norwich Theatre Royal until the 14th March and then off again on tour, details of which can be found here.

2. Returning the Favour

Last weekend I thought I was going to have to pull out of Tough Mudder, a result of which made me feel pretty down. I mentioned it in the roundup for last week as the response from my friends had ‘made my heart smile’.

This week my Tough Mudder buddy Steph announced she would be pulling out of the marathon she’d been preparing for. As soon as I read this I texted her and returned some of the lovely words she’d said to me. It’s awesome when people rally round for you, but I find it’s even more awesome when you do it for someone else, knowing how it will help.

3. Disco at the Ramp

It’s a bit shit, it’s well cheesy but I bloody love it!

4. Drunk Lesli

Hi-fucking-larious. Possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I promised her I wasn’t going to mock her for it, we’ve all been drunk, all done silly things like declaring our love for everyone over and over, headbutting windows, talking total and utter shit, you know the sort of thing. I don’t need to drag it all up and go over it again do I?

5. Pie.

I made the most amazing pie. Technically two pies. They. Were. Amazing. I’m about to eat the leftovers with mumma right now. Good pies. Nom.


Until next week!


One comment

  1. AI agree pie was very good. Also have tried some of the Wait rose recipes Charlotte has cook ed and they are very good too

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