Things that Made Me Happy – The Week in Review

A quick one again this week as I’m super tired and my brain is currently slugging along. So, with no further ado;

1. Beating a Deadline

I have year 9 reports due this coming Friday. Usually I’m trying to get them done in a rush on the day they’re due, which generally proves to be extremely stressful. Not this time,  this time they are done ready to upload tomorrow. I would have already uploaded them but I forgot to email them to myself before the weekend. I’ve also input almost all my data, also due Friday. I have one class to do once I have seen them on Wednesday. It feels good to be ahead.

2. Diversity Day

We had a PSHE day at school which involved talks from The Freedom Charity and BLAH Youth Group. It was informative, interesting and actually quite a fun day. I also got my press report written within 12 hours of the event because I’m already on top of everything else.

3. Year 13 Media Day

Every other Friday I see my year 13s for the whole day. We alternate between coursework and exam prep and take it in turns to bring treats for the class. There’s also a large amount of banter. I could include it every other week as a thing but I haven’t yet so I’m including it now.

4. Coursework with Ella

Ella is one of my year 13s but also a member of staff at the school. She’s one of the few people I’ve developed an actual friendship with and so, when she needed support with her coursework I offered, not as her tutor but as a friend. We spent one evening exploring typical features of genres and then on Saturday we headed out to Holkham woods to film part of her project. This involved Ella dressing up and prancing around the woods while I tried to keep B under control and not laugh. As a Media teacher I rarely get to do any actual hands on stuff so it was good to get involved. I can’t wait to see the finished product either.

5. Surviving Insanity

Week one only but I made it through. I want to say it’s not so bad because, in reflection, its not but, while you’re doing it, it’s the worst thing ever. I should have done a session tonight but haven’t because I’m feeling angry and tearful tired which is never good. I have to double up tomorrow and will owe a session next week but I am weirdly enjoying it!

2015-03-09 10.47.35


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