Things That Made Me Happy – the Week in Review

Phew, what a week! It’s been busy and, emotionally, a bit of a roller coaster, and not in a good way. Started off on quite a high with an impromptu shopping trip into Norwich with the Mumma and Papa C to get more gym stuff, as I’m working out pretty much every day,meaning I can’t wash the one set I have soon enough! We also stopped for a coffee and then nipped off to the Theatre ( I know, I know, the theatre with mum and dad, AGAIN!) to see the Norfolk Schools Project take on La Boheme.  Definitely number one on my list for the week. The performance saw three different primary schools re-imagine the story of La Boheme with a mix of some of Puccini’s original songs and some songs written by the kids. It was quite enchanting and, in some places, moving. I genuinely bought the performances of the second school to go on, and so when they reached the tragic end, I was quite saddened by it.

Monday through Wednesday didn’t have a great deal to offer. A little more general smugness at being on top of my work, more impressive work from year 11s I never thought had it in them, discovering my year 12s aren’t actually failing but actually holding up pretty well against their target grades. Epic workout Tuesday definitely deserves a mention though. Last Tuesday was my early finish day, meaning I had practically the whole day ahead of me. As I was going away over the wend I figured it was a good opportunity to get two insanity workouts done. I hadn’t planned on running 1.5 – 2k as well. For the first time, I saw that I could get through Tough Mudder. Such a buzz.

Item three on the list has to be one of my first payday treats for the week. Even though it was released a little while back, and is an album I’ve been meaning to get since hearing it in the car on the way to the airport when I went to Borneo, I only just got it this week. The whole time in Borneo, confronted with the sights and sounds of a veritable tropical paradise, my ravelling companion and I spent the whole week going “this is f**king awesome” a la Thrift Shop. Then someone sent me the Winchester’s Thrift Shop which made me love the song even more.

While doing research with Ella, she showed me the most beautiful video, which I then showed my tutor group as part of Diversity day. Not surprisingly this made me think of the Macklemore song about marriage equality, being as it’s actually the same song.

Of course that led again to Thrift Shop and a promise to myself that, on payday, I would finally get round to buying The Heist. So happy I did. I am loving it, I love the sound it makes, could happily listen to Macklemore all day, I love his heartbreaking understated honesty and I love the sense of a man who, despite the fact his journey has been far from easy and a lot of his pain of his own making, seems to be very much at peace with himself. Gorgeous.

Thursday was probably the crappest day of, not only last week but, the last couple of weeks. Had work dumped on me at the end of the day with the expectation it would be done for Friday morning. No consideration for the fact I might have things planned (like two Insanity workouts and travelling to my parents ready for heading into Norwich on Friday.) and this just sent me off on a rapid downward spiral. By the time I got to my folks I was tearful, having had a cry in the car, and just about ready to quit. Awful as it sounds I was very much of the opinion that, should I not wake up in the morning, it would probably be a good thing as I was so tired of fighting. Mumma C did the sympathy thing and then, after dinner, Papa C did the practical stuff. Between the three of us we wrote the newspaper article that had been requested and I went to bed a little happier. The only reason why this isn’t on of the things is because none of it made me happy and I’ve already talked about how awesome my parents are at stepping I when I need picking up.

Friday morning I got the train to London, to attend a much needed course on A level Media Studies, not that there is anything wrong with my A level teaching, but I am aware it’s something I’ve not done before and could do with developing some tricks and ‘go to’ activities. Usually Mumma takes me to the train station but, as she’s just has an operation on her eye and can’t drive yet, I had to make my own way there. Taxi was quickly ruled out in favour of the extremely reasonable parking charges for using the station long stay. As they only have a tiny car park I’d convinced myself it would get quite busy and so made sure I arrived with plenty of time. This meant getting up at 5 so that I could be ready and at the station for 6. My train was at 7. Consequently I didn’t really want to do a great deal on the train and so treated myself to my second payday treat of the week, Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box, on Kindle. I was going to buy the last Locke and Key comic but, as it was twice the price thought I’d go for that and then Horns if I needed it, both combined less than the one comic. Plus it’s been a while since I finished Clockworks so figured I could do with reading the five leading up to Alpha and Omega before buying it. As a result I spent the entire weekend reading Joe Hill (I’m aware this should really have been included in the next round up as some of the reading took place on Sunday but, as I’ve said before, my blog my rules!)

Currently my Kindle front page looks like this;

 Which brings me on to my final thing for the week, visiting with the lovely Hannah. I don’t tend to see her as much as other as she currently lives in Ascot and isn’t really past of the same social group. This means visits with Hannah tend to be brief stopovers on my way to or from somewhere else. Because I was in town anyway and my school had paid for my travel, I figured it made sense to visit someone for the weekend. As the last time we spent a proper amount of time together was back in October I made visiting her a priority. Fortunately she was free and so, after the course finished Friday, I made my way from the Barbican to Ascot to spend the weekend drinking gin and catching up. We put the best part of a litre away on Friday and somehow, on Saturday, managed to make it to the pub for lunch (we were going to take a walk around Virginia Water lake, but it was rather windy) where we encountered the most overly lovely waiter in the world and saw, quite possibly, the ugliest baby since Sloth was born! Considering how down I’d been in the week it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.


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