Things That Made Me Happy – Two Weeks in Review

Two weeks this time, not because I’ve been busy, or sad, but because I was too busy enjoying the first week of Easter break and spending some time doing ab-solutely nothing. Aaah.

And so, let’s rewind back two weeks, to the Sunday following two very gin soaked nights with Hannah. Although I wasn’t horrendously hungover, despite the amount of Gin we’d put away, I was pretty tired and a little achey from sleeping on Han’s sofa. The train ride back was, however, not as much of a trauma as it could have been and, either way, a much better option than driving. Too many times have I been half asleep on the M25, thinking ‘this needs to stop’. Instead, I spent the train journey reading the Locke and Key Comics, watching the scenery and listening to The Heist. Just gorgeous.

The following week also marked the end of term, generally a guarantee that it will be a foggy blur of trying to get things finished so that you can get marking done while you have the time (and that kids is why we get all those holidays!) and plain old exhaustion. The end of term itself, consequently, gets its own place in the things that made me happy but, before that was, Fringe related treats.

I wrote already about my great love for Fringe, I’m still hooked. So much so that I have watched about a season a week and only have season 5 left to watch. In the week, I’d invited my buddy Lesli over to hang out and watch some Fringe – girl cannot resist the lure of the lovely Agent Dunham – and when she arrived she presented me with the following;


The laces, lances and root beer all represent Walter and the milk bottles represent Gene the cow. I still have the root beer, I nearly drank it but realised I’d be doing Walter a disservice if I didn’t use it to make a root beer float. Turns out Fringe plus Fringe themed treats and general Fringe related ridiculousness makes for a silly amount of fun.

That pretty much brings me round to the end of term and visiting with my sister. I drove down Friday and, although traffic wasn’t great, it wasn’t as horrendous as it could have been. Friday we drank rum cocktails and Cole dropped in to say hi. Seeing Cole’s face always brings me joy – true fact. Saturday we mooched into town and had Burger King, something I’d been craving since arriving at Liverpool Street the previous weekend when Burger King was shut and I had to make do with a really dissatisfying McDonalds. After that, Kat and I headed back to hers, donned wigs and took B to Waitrose – well, we took him on a walk and popped to Waitrose for some bits, he didn’t actually go to Waitrose, he’s a dog, that would be ridiculous. After that we spent the rest of the day watching Fringe (still in our wigs) and then had pizza for tea – another bad food craving of mine! I’m counting the weekend up to Saturday as two things although, if I broke it down into its individual components, it would have probably supplied a blog all of it’s own.


Sunday involved going to the supermarket, selecting the best Easter egg – featuring in a blog post near you soon – and another visit from Cole, because there is no such thing as too much Cole. Even Ryan came and, in a rare afternoon of restraint, we even managed to play relatively nicely. It was, ahem, good to seem him, I, er, hem, don’t see him enough. Honest.

As last week has been the first week of the Easter holidays, and even though I’ve had coursework marking hanging over me, I have taken the time to enjoy reading in bed each morning. As I’ve been away several weekends in a row I’ve really missed doing this as it’s one of my most favourite things to do – more than Fringe watching and wig wearing, believe it or not. I get up, let B out, make tea and then go back to bed and snuggle down with a book. This can take a couple of hours or half a day depending, and usually involves 2-4 cups of tea. Sometimes I get really decadent and have a little snooze. Absolute bliss.

Tuesday was a triple bonus day, it started with reading in bed, which was followed by an impromptu visit from Mumma and Papa C and Auntie Susie. As mum and Susie had mainly come to see me en route to doing some shopping, it meant dad and I got to hang out. We mainly went to the chocolate shop and then had a beer while we waited for mum and Suzie to meet us for lunch. After lunch we walked back to mine, moved downed fence panels and took B for a walk. I love both my parents dearly but, growing up, I was always a daddy’s girl and so times like this I really treasure. The third bonus came in the form of Popsicle, my newest wig. I’ve said it before and will say it each time I get a new one, wigs = happy.


Finally, ‘The Pack’. It’s a fitness/motivation group on Facebook, where we post out workouts, motivate each other and share successes or, very occasionally, commiserate ‘unsuccesses’. I was a little dubious at first, I’ve never been really gung-ho about working out, but I’m aware not all my friends are necessarily interested in my journey to Tough Mudder and figured it might make sense to share with more like minded people. I’m glad I took the chance as its really boosted my workouts, sometimes it’s all too easy to talk yourself out of working out but, when you see everyone else has made the effort to get off their asses, it kinda makes you want to do it too. At least that’s how it works for me. I’d also include the fact I’m sticking to Insanity and that I clocked up a 4k run on Saturday as things that have made me happy over the past week, but that would take me over the five things for each week!




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