Things That Made Me Happy – The Week in Review

So I realised, after I posted last week’s roundup, I’d actually left off my favourite thing from the whole week so, even though it’s not from the last week, I’m going to start with it.

Friday night I had the pleasure of my lovely friend Linzi over for a long overdue visit to the house. I’ve actually known Linzi more than 15 years, although we lost touch for part of it (a difference of opinions and terrible timing). While I was living in Surrey she moved to London and, not long after I moved back to Norfolk, Linzi also returned, by complete coincidence. We still don’t see each other enough, not like we used to, but, every couple of weeks, at the longest once every couple of months, we meet up. Usually this takes place in Norwich, as she is over Yarmouth way and I’m North Norfolk but, last Friday, she came to me. As it’s a long old drive I suggested she stayed the night, I’d cook dinner and we could both drink Gin. We ended up staying up into the early hours, not bad for two old birds!

On the Saturday I headed over to Mum and Dad’s ready for Easter and, on the way, took B for a run in Blickling Woods. Was a bit fed up that they now ask you to keep dogs on the lead at all times as, when I run with him on the lead, he slows me down but, rules is rules. Wasn’t my best or fastest run (actually, looking at the picture I think I may have beaten a PB on my first km) but it was still pretty good, especially when you consider I’d been drinking gin until about 3am! I’m not counting it as a thing this week because I’ve said running/exercise plenty already. I think we get the point that running makes me happy!

2015-04-13 19.56.58

What I do want to mention, is my fabulous Easter egg, from my sister, as chosen by me. I mentioned it last week, with the promise it would be featuring in a blog near you soon, and indeed it is. Kat gave me a choice in Morrison’s between the standard, various Cadbury’s eggs or one which came in a box made to look like the Mystery Machine with a beanie Scooby Doo. Mystery Machine and Scooby Doo it was, no competition. The egg is pretty much ate by now but Scooby is still in the Mystery Machine, on a bookshelf, in my lounge where forever he will stay.


The rest of the last week was all pretty excellent as I spent Tuesday to Friday in Paris, I am going to write a separate blog at some point this week as pretty much everything I did could go in here. I’m going to be strict, however, and only pick two things. The first would have to be drinking champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower – in a beret – as it was something I had promised myself I’d do and, when I saw the queues at the bottom, thought it may not actually get done. The other would have to be the freedom of tailor-making my own sightseeing. Usually I travel with my mum, who is generally both on the same wavelength as me and super accommodating, so I do get to see all the things I’d like to, but this time, I did stomp my way across Paris at a rate my 37 year old legs could barely cope with, I think it would have been the end of Mumma. I thought, on arrival, that travelling alone would turn out to be miserable and figured I may have made a bit of a mistake. In actual fact it meant spending time doing things so particularly, specifically me. Things like spending an hour in a proper Chinese tea shop, people watching and reading Les Mis outside Les Deux Magots, going for a run ‘a Paris’ and a mad dash to Pere Lachaise to see Jim Morrison’s grave. I walked about 20 miles in two and a half days and came home invigorated, inspired and incredibly happy.

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The last thing that I want to include is the Mark Baldwin Tribute concert, that took place at the local community centre, on Saturday night. Mainly a bunch of local bands playing at a celebration for Mark ‘Sparky’ Baldwin, a local musician who died recently. Lesli invited me along, as they had a spare ticket, and so I donned my best party pants and party wig and off we went. I drank Gin, she drank Ginger Beer (and later fruit cider), we danced some, acted like the geeky dicks we are, ate a burger and generally had the most fun time.



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