Things That Made Me Happy -Two Weeks in Review

So last week I was too busy trying to get my Paris blog finished – I still need to do day 3, Montmartre and Espace Dali – and recovering from a busy weekend with the beautiful Cole and equally beautiful Cammy-dog. By the time I reached the end of this week I honestly couldn’t remember what I did that would have been particularly good. 

Looking at my diary I can tell you there were two events that stood out early on in the week – by stood out I mean I actually bothered to put them in the diary – and that was my Uncle David’s housewarming on the Sunday and discovering the glory that is the Mac and cheese burger on the Tuesday.

Uncle David is not actually an uncle. He grew up with my dad, who has no siblings, and is therefore the closest thing I have to an Uncle on that side. He owns hotels, is a disorganised bachelor and a perfect foil for my father. Visits to his usually involve him and my dad taking the piss out of each other. Generally the rest of us get drawn in. After several hours of winding each other up, the Family Cowles eating all the food, it’s pretty much time to go home. It doesn’t matter if we’re at Uncle David’s house or hotel, out at some event or other, or if he has come here, this is always the way it goes. Pretty much like any visit to any one of my friends ever. I guess that’s why I like it. I also wore Popsicle, which is a very fun wig and brings me so much joy.



On Tuesday, my lovely friend Lesli took me out for dinner so that I could try the Hungry Horse’s macaroni cheese burger. Basically, two deep fried macaroni cheese ‘buns’ and a burger patty with the usual mix of salad, sauce and chips on the side. DEEP FRIED MACARONI CHEESE BUNS!!!!!!!! Fact, you cannot pick it up and eat it like a regular burger. I tried. Lesli documented the moment.


Other than that I don’t really remember what else I did, probably working out, running blah blah blah, the usual. 

Cole arrived Friday, for the weekend. I spent the time between finishing work and her arrival reorganising my lounge. This involved moving all the furniture around and has improved the space greatly. I guess I could include that, as I was very pleased with myself, especially as my mother had told me I’d never get it done in time. I even had time to email her to prove I’d done it, she pointed out a dark stain on my carpet, always good to get positive feedback. Cole didn’t notice the stain, probably because she had her dog, Cammy, with her and was too busy trying to get Cammy to settle in a new and infinitely exciting place. 

On Saturday we went to Wells beach to meet Mumma and Papa C, who had Bertie, (he’d stayed with them as, when he first met Cammy he wasn’t best impressed, we thought this would be a less stressful way of reintroducing them) and went for a two-dog walk. B wasn’t too put off by Cammy, in fact he seemed more confident with her in sight. Except when she went swimming. Then, he hovered nervously close by, no doubt worried about the life threatening situation she had put herself in. We had tea and cake to celebrate a successful walk and then Cole and I took the pups off again for a second walk before heading home. 

Sunday we took the pups to Sandringham for another walk – and to scope out a potential new running location for me – and had tea and scones before heading off. Some of the estate is lovely and ideal for running, however, in places it was steep and muddy, potentially good training for Culden Faw but not somewhere I’d like to run as standard.

 Cole left late Sunday afternoon and I think I rang my sister, as I’d not been able to speak to her since the Sunday before and, as I was going to busy all week, wouldn’t get to speak to her again until the next Sunday.

Last week I helped Ella with her coursework for three nights – not as dull as it sounds. This generally involves her throwing all sorts of ideas at me while I attempt to make sense of them while we also watch YouTube, talk shit and take the piss out of each other. Thursday I had mum and dad over, mum and I bought fruit trees and did some gardening and then I cooked dinner and we watched some more Breaking Bad. Oh and Monday I had a very good PT session at the gym, feeling positive for Tough Mudder.

Friday night I went out for tea and cakes and then cocktails for my very gorgeous friend Linzi’s birthday. As it was her 40th I got her her very own Eric Northman and Lafayette from True Blood. She loved them. We ate sandwiches – tiny crust-less sandwiches – and drank Prosecco and then went for cocktails. I wore the dress I’d bought originally for Jess’ hen-do last Summer, with Storm Cloud and felt super glamorous. I even managed heels without throwing out my knee again like I had at New Year’s. Brilliant. 

I think one thing I’m starting to find with this blog is how, despite the fact I have a long and tiring job, there are so many things I do, with some truly lovely people, that really make up for it. Whether it be a successful training session, a new wig or tea and cake with one of my favourites, I have so much to be grateful for because there are so many things in my life that genuinely bring me joy.

What things do you find bring you joy?


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