Defying Gravity

Work again today and, determined not to let it upset my new found sense of almost wellbeing, I wore my favourite skirt and checked shirt, teamed with a waist belt I never wear cos I think it makes me look like I have too much junk in my trunk. Although I have grumpy morning face so it’s hard to tell, I was super happy with the overall effect. Step one to feeling good, looking good – check.

The main reason behind this is an attempt at a change of attitude. I discovered in rereading Veronika Decides to Die the notion of bravery, as attributed to the concept of madness within the book. Basically, at several points in the book, the characters within the asylum contemplate the sane world outside. A world filled with people doing the same thing every day despite the fact it often makes them miserable. Gradually you realise the idea of this is in fact madness and those ‘mad’ people in the asylum merely brave to stand up and say, I don’t want to live like that, I want for me to be happy. I remembered that I once did that, a completely mad act of giving everything up and moving away to have a greater chance at happiness and yet now I find myself cowed and afraid. And so I wore an outfit that maintained a professional appearance for work, whilst also guaranteeing that every time I caught sight of my reflection it would make me smile, to hell with whether or not it made me look like I had odd shaped ass implants.

This evening I put my Glee CDs in the car – I have the first two, after that I lost interest – and, driving home from an evening out with my mum, listened to Defying Gravity for the first time in years. First I make no apologies for owning the first two Glee albums, second, I realised in listening to the words, like Veronika and the inmates of Villette, Elphaba and Glinda have a point. Life should be about listening to your instincts and taking chances, not cowering away afraid.

So, Monday achieved. Tomorrow is a day off and I have nice things planned so it’s an easy one, plus I have Zombies, Run! to look forward to. 

Hope your Monday has been good!

Defying Gravity


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