Trying Hard, Sunny Side Up

This week has been, in parts, a bit of a washout. Not a bad washout, more a necessarily predictable one. Pretty much the sort of washout you’d expect from week eight in a half term. Week eight! Unholy.

I had the best intentions, wore my favourite shirt to work and thought I’d try to get on top of my half term holiday workload, or at least write. But, apart from taking my parents to Sandringham and a couple of runs, I’ve pretty much Netflixed and chilled. As I was lying on the sofa Friday night, grateful that Ella hadn’t decided we should go out after all, I realised I’d failed at the small objectives I’d set myself, that I’d done nothing with my week and wasted my time. 

Before self reproach and disappointment could set in I realised it wasn’t anything I should berate myself for. I had, at least, been running and, after each day’s teaching, I was extremely tired. Eight consecutive weeks of teaching will do that to you. Instead I took time to find pleasure in the things I had done. One, I’d survived the week, indeed the half term. I’d had some bloody lovely healthy dinners – lots of veg and salad, yum! I’d been running three times in the week and I had half term to look forward to.

If that wasn’t enough, the weekend has brought more joy; running – 5k is becoming the norm – I got exactly the Radiocative Unicorn nailpolishes I’d set my heart on and I learnt to knit, again. I’d actually started knitting about four years ago, then put the scarf I’d been working on aside and then forgotten how to finish it. This time I’m knitting a hat. A massive mohair hat. It’ll probably be ready in time for next winter but, really, I’m just enjoying the process. And, most glorious of all, I discovered, if I signed up for the Audible free trial, I could get the new Night Vale novel, read by Cecil. The book is already on my Christmas list but, to be honest, it can only really be read by the erstwhile radio host and voice of Night Vale himself, Cecil Gershwin Palmer. Plus, rather than having to wait for Christmas while each fortnightly show obliquely refers to the book, frustrating me further and further, I have it now. Right now! Glorious.

If I learnt one thing again this week, other than how to knit, it would be to be patient. As Guinness has been telling us for years, good things come to those who wait. 


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