Keeping it Real… Positive

Been somewhat stumped by a horrible cold this week, which put paid to my running plans. It also meant I only achieved half of my epic Must Do By Wednesday list. It’s always hard not to be fatalistic at this point and think the universe is conspiring to take you down. Occasionally I found myself thinking, ‘why is it whenever I have a good run of something e.g. running, marking, writing, something always happens to stop me?’ Each time the thought popped into my head, I’d take a moment to consider how untrue that was. There have been plenty of times I’ve not run or have chosen to hold myself back because there was something else I wanted to do. The difference is, when you’re not doing the things you should because you’re spending time doing what you want it doesn’t matter. It’s only when you can’t do either that it becomes a problem. Besides, my body was clearly run down so what I needed to be doing, what I should have been doing was resting up. Therefore, not doing the marking and planning because I was confined to the sofa and buried in tissues was ok.

Well, it’s never ok to be plagued by the snot monster of doom, but you catch my drift.
In between the frustration of sleepless nights, that’ll be the caffeine in the anti snot tablets – thanks for that – pointless sneezing, which did nothing to clear my nose but hurt like hell, and not being able to breathe, unless it was in the early hours of the morning when all the snot would be released – everyone loves that – there was some silver lining.

First up, I did half my to-do list. I could have been laid up in bed too sick to do anything and had even more stress next half term. Half the list is recoverable. A whole list would have put me so far behind. 

I was already staying with my parents when the cold struck, which meant I benefited from their well stocked medicine cabinet and didn’t have to worry about walking B or doing chores etc while snotting all over. Plus, moaning about how ill you are isn’t the same if you only have a dog to moan at. Plus mum is a great cook, meant I could really feed this cold and drive it away. Also, pudding.

Radioactive Unicorn nail polish. Saturday is the last chance to get the Halloween themed ones. Fortunately I got the three I wanted this week, so can enjoy my London trip Saturday and wait for the Christmas collection. 

Not sleeping until 3 in the morning thus allowing me to finish The Ghost Hunters. Alright if I’m honest I would have preferred sleep but at least I had a great book to read while I was not sleeping. If at any time you find yourself in need of a genuinely creepy, based on documentd events, ghost story check it out! At some point after the weekend I’ll get around to reviewing it but for the meantime the book can be found here; Neil Spring – The Ghost Hunters

Mastering knitting. After a fashion. I’m knitting a hat, it will be ready probably in time for summer but it’ll be my hat, that I made and I will forever love it. I have to keep fighting mum off it because it is my project and she will ruin it by making it perfect. She doesn’t understand why it has to be a bit shit.

Second to last would be getting tickets for the eighth instalment of the Harry Potter saga – The Cursed Child. Yeah we’ve all been caught in the hype, yeah Rowling said she wasn’t going to write any more HP stories, yeah nobody is fooled by making it a play but, I really don’t care, I’m going. We might have tickets way up in the circle and will probably struggle to see anything but, I don’t care, I’m bloody going. In a year’s time. Because all the other Saturdays had sold out. After I secured the tickets I did a little dance. Not gonna lie.

Being well enough to travel so I don’t have to cancel my weekend. Cocktails, Halloween films, Star Trek, it’s going to be awesome! 

Until next time, LLAP!


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