Looking Ahead to 2016, An Ode to 2015

So this is the first year in about um, three where I haven’t written a New Year’s New Me post which isn’t actually a new year new me post, although, it if it was it’d look a bit like this but it’s not, no matter what it looks like. It would then go on to detail the changes I would like to make for the upcoming year, or at least the changes I’d make, if I was writing about change but I’m not because I don’t do that shit right? Right.

Thing is, what I discovered whilst writing blogs about not making resolutions and sticking with the formula that, clearly, worked last year so it’ll work this year, I discovered something. Change is exciting. The thought of having a start point, a line you can draw under something and say, now it’s going to be different, is really cool. This year, after the warmth and overindulgence that was Christmas, I have spent the past week thinking about and anticipating all the things that are going to be different, starting the 1st(ish) January. And, naturally, the party and the copious amount of customary drinking that precedes those things. I am so ready for 2016 and the goals I have already told myself I want to achieve. I’ve even set goals for the end of the year already (Boxing Day swim in the North Sea).

And so this is a blog about the new year and, although not necessarily a new me as such – I really like the current me – definitely a more consistently happier me – I got really whingey for a bit and wasn’t really much fun to be around. I am going to set goals; realistic, reasonable goals, goals I actually want to achieve. Things like, do the Zombies Run 5k virtual race, another Tough Mudder, run a 10k. Begin expanding my workouts to include something to make my running easier and better (read faster/longer). Keep a wellbeing journal and meditate more. I started meditating back in September, each morning before I got out of bed for about a week and, I swear, I felt better equipped to start the day and less stressed throughout. I’d like more of that. I’d like to save money, finish my Wizard of Oz tattoo and possibly buy a bigger house. All of this requires me to be a little more organised and a little less quick to spend money on things because I can. (Not including the fabulous Critical Hit pendant I just bought for me and my sister to showcase our Crit Roll obsession (from the fabulous Kitty’s Kitschenette) or the dice I just bought because, as a result of that obsession, we’re gonna start a campaign and do some gaming.) I want to finish book 2 (already in the process of editing and refining) and write book 3 as part of NanoWriMo in November again. I also, as always, want to be better at my job. An undefinable, totally not SMART, amorphous, vague ‘better’.

That is going to be 2016. Obviously I’ll attempt to keep you posted in the same patchy way I have done for a number of years now.

As for 2015 and the year that was. I went to Paris and Australia, kind of makes me think of that song from Priscilla only, I’m pretty sure, I’ve been to me. Both of these turned out to be greater experiences than I’d expected and taught me so much about myself, as well as being fantastic holidays. I didn’t get as many tattoos as I had in previous years but I bought a lot of gin, wigs and nail polish. I wrote a second book, and a lot of blogs, I partied, made some fantastic new friends, and spent more time reconnecting with old friends and developing existing friendships. I saw the Jacksons, went to Harry Potter land and drank Butterbeer with some of my most favourite people. I worked bloody hard and, for the most part, I partied harder

On New Year’s Eve, one of my friends sent a fairly standard New Years message which said something along the lines of, ‘wishing you a better year than the one before’ and it made me think, could 2016 be better than 2015? I mean, yeah, it wasn’t always the easiest year but show me one that was. Financially there is no way I’m going to have quite the adventures that I had, although I intend to still have adventures. They’ll just be smaller, more local, mainly -completely – UK based adventures (except those I shall take with Keridanyth of course.) Looking at the goals I set myself at the start, ultimately I achieved most of what I set out to, again, pretty standard for any year in the life of me. Therefore, in summary, 2016 be at least as brilliant as 2015 albeit in a slightly less ostentatious way, hopefully with a little more happiness and only a tiny bit of sadness which is also a part of life. Let me achieve the things I set out to and give the forthcoming 2017 a run for its money.

I think that pretty much covers it, peace out 2015, here comes 2016 bitches!

Trinkets and pretties – Kitty’s Kitschenette
A good obsession – Geek and Sundry

Dice – The Dice Shop

Nails – Radioactive Unicorn
Wigs – Lush Wigs


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