When it’s so cold you have to put your dog in a hoodie, under his raincoat and wear gloves indoors. 

I’m sitting here wrapped in a blanket and a sleeping bag, the heating is on AND I have my trusty halogen fire on and I am still cold. The wind is howling and I think a fence panel or two might be in some serious danger. When I took B out earlier I put him in his hoodie first and then his little horse blanket because it was so bitter. 

On the plus side, driving home from work, with the snow flying at me out of the darkness, I got to pretend I was in the Defiant*, childhood sweetheart Wesley Crusher** co-piloting. I hate driving in the snow when it settles but, until it does, night driving in the snow is the best because it looks like the warp speed effect off Star Trek. It’s the same effect they use in Star Wars but, much as I grew up wanting to be Princess Leia, I always wanted a place on the glorious Enterprise. As a grown up, snow always makes me revert. If it settles I’ll be the first one out making snow angels!

As long as my fence doesn’t blow down and I don’t have to drive in it, I say let it snow!
*because my car is small and more like a shuttle than a starship and because, face it, the defiant is so fucking cool! 

** I’ve just watched a huge amount of The Guild which has seemingly revived my love for Wil and therefore Wes.


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