Where We’re At. A Very Overdue Update

I actually started to write this about an hour ago but my computer was on a rather infuriating go-slow and I could feel myself going into a rage. I have to do some Yoga, I thought, and so I did. I’m on day 2 of the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, over on YouTube and had been waiting for an appropriate moment today to practice. I have tried plenty of guided yoga videos on YouTube and have a number of short-term favourites but I quickly get bored. Adriene is definitely a long term favourite. I love how she will happily bimble on, laughs at her own jokes, talks A LOT of rubbish and is really dorky. She’s kinda like the Jamie Oliver of Yoga – there are instructions to follow but she encourages you to make your own way at the same time. You can find her channel here; Yoga With Adriene.

The fact that I am on day 2 of a 30-day programme tells you two things, one, I am sticking somewhat to my goals and am practicing yoga, two, I haven’t really been sticking to my goals or I’d be further ahead. There is a possible third, that I have already completed one programme and am onto my second of the year, but only if you don’t know me too well. Still, I may have wavered slightly, but I am fully back on track. I’m meditating every night before bed (read, the last three nights so far) and occasionally in the mornings (one morning but the intent is there). I did let January bulldoze me and that put paid to all the good stuff I was doing and left me feeling massively unfulfilled and completely rubbish. Still, I’m not giving myself a hard time about it, even achieving my goals half the time is good enough.

I’m still sticking with Zombies Run 5k although I haven’t signed up for the race – it’s about $50 which is a little pricey, plus p&p to the UK. It’s a shame, I really wanted to wear that Runner 5 top and add the medal to my collection, but there’s always next year. Instead, I have entered a whole other bunch of Virtual Races which, together, cost only a little more than the single entry to the Zombies 5k. Through POW Virtual Running I have signed up for races in March through to July and then one other May race with Virtual Runner. I got new running shoes and a fitness tracker for my birthday which means I can start improving and lengthening my runs. Just as well seeing as I’m signed up for Tough Mudder again this year.

I’m slowly working my way through the edit of book 2. Again I haven’t done as much as I’d’ve liked, I had to move my deadline from the end of January to the end of February and I’m probably still going to need more time. I also started to get the fear again as a result of not writing. Still as of the end of last week – with the exception of the weekend where I was D&Ding and stuff – I’m back to plugging away at it, a little bit each day. I have an added incentive now as I sent some promotional stuffs to my cover artist to take to a convention at the end of May. I’m also in the process of investigating getting my book into Waterstones and have discovered it is available through a number of online retailers (links below). With a big promotional drive on book 1 happening I need to really get book 2 ready to drop pretty soon. I’m also getting snippets of book 3 popping into my thoughts which means I could really do with clearing my head ready to receive the next installment!

Other than that, I got another tattoo although not the Wizard of Oz but another small Alice in Wonderland/Labyrinth/Frozen tribute and spent way too much money between January and February payday. I’ve just planned lessons for this week’s observations which I think are rather spiffing, although until I get seen and have the feedback I couldn’t say if I’m doing as well as I’d like at my job. Colleagues tell me nice things and I’m generally fucking up less that I ever have but am I better? Who knows. That’s the problem with vague and amorphous over SMART! Perhaps next blog we’ll do a SWOT analysis and set some reasonable ‘get better at my job’ goals!

And so, in the style of Wil Wheaton when he does his check in, if I were to grade myself I think I’d be getting a C. About two weeks ago it was closer to a D but I’ve made a fairly good recovery and am turning things around. It’s not an A* though and, therefore, I guess, without beating myself up too much, I must try harder. I’ll keep you vaguely posted.

Oh and one other thing, I am totally being shamed by my little sister who is smashing blogs out twice a week. They’re also pretty good. You should go on over and check those out while you’re waiting for me to get my shit together enough to write! You’ll find her here; The Musings of a Kat

Peace out!

Addendum – thanks to the wonderful Kitty of Kitty’s Kitschenette I have an entry into the Zombies Run 5k Virtual Race. All the love 💙💚💛💜


Diary of a Hunter is available on the following websites;


Barnes and Noble

Amazon UK





    • Hahaha it’s possible. This week I’m feeling like a C/D borderline and that is being harsh because I managed a run even though I am shattered. I’ve also finished my reports and marked most of a class load of assessments which probably pushes me into at least a high B. Still I’m not close to where I want to be and that may well be because my goals are ridiculous. What can I say, I work in education, it’s all about achieving ridiculous goals against all odds! X

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