Going Boldly

So already I have found that my brain is more than willing to overload me, if I let it. Having made the decision to start building things back into my life, brain has gone ‘right, you need to do all these things which means you don’t have time to do the things, so you need to do that now and then that, but that will take time and then that other thing also needs doing and then there’s all that other stuff and…’ Just no. Small steps brain, small steps.

Yesterday, after my bath, I watched The Walk – super tense but a great film – painted my toenails and did my mindfulness week one activity. Today I started my sugar cutback with only half a sugar in my morning tea and snuggled in bed til late morning, reading. Bliss. Up, overnight oats with plain yoghurt and honey and then I walked B into town to collect an art print. Although my brain was already trying to reel off an impossible list I made sure to take my time and enjoy a beautiful, albeit blustery, spring day. After that I felt like going for a run so got ready to head to the gym. Before I left I did an impromptu HIIT workout and then went and ran 3k. When I got home I did 30 minutes of yoga and enjoyed a tasty blueberry and oat protein shake. Yum!

This afternoon I do need to do some marking and so, once I’m done here I shall make some tea (Earl Grey, hot) and settle down with Critical Role and get some of that cleared. Then, when that’s done, I shall make dinner, watch a movie, probably and then continue my mindfulness week one and meditate just before bed. This is my idea of a perfect day. My goal is to be able to do all this plus a day at work and all without giving myself too much of a hard time. We’ll see how well I manage!
*update – didn’t post this earlier as I got straight on with tea and marking and Crit Role. Have drunk tea, cooked dinner, washed up and marked 6/10 projects which isn’t at all bad. Fought my instinct to rush and get it all done and went through each student’s blog carefully checking improved work and reading posts I hadn’t yet read. I’m now going to relax, watch some more Crit Role and write a list of what I need to pack tomorrow for the weekend and stuff. Peace out.


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