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So, first off, I don’t want to spend any more time harping on about the less good things. I’m still slowly making my way back, having lost a lot of faith in myself and I’m still wrestling with my brain to get it into kind habits, but I’m getting there. What I want to do is, as often as possible, which, in experience is not that often, so every now and again, I want to check in and count up the successes for each week. Not because I want to replace the gap in my life left after deleting Facebook, the place for all brags, mine most of all, but because I think a positive focus will help. I’m also hoping it’ll help others in changing their perspective because it’s all too easy, when you’re not at your happiest to think that everything is bad when, in fact, if often isn’t. Maybe other people reading this will think, hey I could do that, I’m going to spend a little time at the end of each week looking only at what worked.

And so to my week. I’ll be honest, the fact that this week has been kind helps a lot but, even if it hadn’t there are always not so bad things that happen. I’m just a bugger for ignoring them in favour of all the shit things so I can beat myself up and feel bad and stuff. I’m gonna go day by day starting with Sunday.


 Also known as Dungeons and Dragons day. We gamed for about 8 hours, I think, plus I started to work on a picture of our party which is looking pretty cool. Any week which includes a D&D session, especially a week that kicks off with one, is already awesomer than those without. Kudos to my baby sis who is a brilliant GM and who can think in curves no matter what is thrown at her last minute. I also love, love, love role playing my Gnome Druid with all my heart (it also helps that when I Skype in I feel like Ashleigh Johnson on Crit Role).


First day back at school, which I was nervous about. What I had forgotten is how brilliant the people I work with are and how much I like my classes. Monday reminded me of that. Just as well really as I was starting to think it was time for a change (read, to run away. Again.) 

N.B this was a tough call because I also watched way too much Dungeons and Dragons the cartoon and drank gin into the early hours with the beautiful Heledd, but she got all of Tuesday so it’s fine.


So much good. Went for a run, had my favourite breakfast, went to the amazing geek shop in Norwich and bought a Jayne Cobb Pop headz figure, WITH THE HAT AND VERA THE GUN!!!!!!!!!!! Attended a very amusing talk by Marcus Berkmann on his book, Set Phasers to Stun and had yummy burgers and milkshakes. If I were to pick on this it would be Jayne. Or when Hel suggested Berkmann signed my book with “I’m a writer not a bricklayer” and he did. Actually it’s that. Jayne is cool but that was the coolest.


Being able to tell my year 11 media class that all but a tiny handful of them had achieved a C grade or higher in their coursework and that they  are consequently on track to maintain that grade through the exam. They have all worked so hard towards their GCSE and it’s rewarding to see that hard work has paid off. Plus there’s a chance some of the tiny handful might still pull it off. 


Had a long, honest conversation with my Principal which has somewhat reassured me and eased a number of doubts I had as a result of my wobble at the end of last term. Came away feeling valued and with confirmation that the only person who thinks I’m acually not that good at what I do is me. Duh. Also, did my first kettle bell workout and didn’t die. Bonus. 


Green Thai Curry – aubergines, green beans, prawns. Proper yum. There was other stuff but nothing equal to this. Possibly the best food I’ve ever cooked. Actually, I lie, the curry was pretty good but not as good as my FaceTime date with the Bear and gorgeous Theo. That was the absolute highlight of my week to be honest. It’s certainly the moment that has my heart above all other moments. 


Volunteered as a marshal for the Blicking Park Run, made a new running buddy and got some advice on how to run up hills. Started my new running plan and did a second kettlebell workout and still haven’t died. Arranged with one of the women from work to start running together in a couple of weeks. Downloaded Dead Space for free with Gold on my Xbox. Tough call today but I’m gonna have to go with Dead Space as I’m about to spend the rest of today gaming, which is a thing I’ve not done in a very long time. It’s really tough because I’ve gained two prospective running partners which is something I’ve been missing and was partly the reason why I got so jealous and angry the other day. But, by the tiniest of mouse hairs, it does have to be gaming, closely followed by new running buddies.
So far so good, let’s see how well I keep up with this. Maybe we’ll speak next weekend, mayhap we won’t…



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