Where We’re At. A MayJuneJuly Update

Ok, so long time between check-ins. This time mostly thanks to marking GCSE exams, which takes up a hell of a lot of my time. Usually. This time, I spent more time avoiding the inevitable before finally getting down to wade through it. It wasn’t because it was as much hard work as last time as I had more confidence in what I was doing, just that I couldn’t sit still long enough to get into it properly. In the end, it only took me about two weeks rather than the usual four but the first week, man I did my head in! Monkey brain is something I’m really working with at the moment because it is all over the show.

So, other than fighting with my monkey brain, what else have I been up to? I hear you cry.

My first instinct is to say not much at all really. Marking, not training much, not meditating really, not exactly hitting those goals. Eating badly, feeling crap about myself, overdoing and underachieving. That’s all without looking at the goals I’d set myself and is undoubtedly a therapists field day when it comes to self-image. When I look at what I said I wanted to achieve this year it turns out I’ve done loads and I’m in a much better place that I’d have given myself credit for. So here goes;

Zombies Run 5k Race – smashed it with a PB, which I have already beaten because running is a thing I can do and I really love it. Now I want to do the fall race, but the 10k distance.

Earn 25 Medals in 2014 – halfway through the year and 13 medals down. Today I’m running my first 10k for the Enterprise! (Note – 12k run in 1 hour 27 minutes, super happy with that.)

Tough Mudder – still aiming for that in August. Nowhere near ready enough but probably more ready than last time round so I’m not too worried. That’s a lie, I lay awake at night thinking about monkey bars and where I can find some to train on without looking like a weirdo hanging around a playground. I have got a suspension trainer which I need to get back into the habit of using. Damn you exam marking!!!

Meditate More – I’m managing about 30 minutes a week and starting to notice the difference if I go for long periods without. I’d like to get into the habit of doing it every day and without needing prompting or an app. This is still a goal, works in progress are fine. I’m being kinder to myself I have to understand I’m not going to nail everything right away and to accept what I have achieved and see it as good. Plus I think beating myself up about not meditating and then fretting about it is the absolute antithesis of meditation and therefore not exactly helpful.

Save Money and Finish Tattoo – saving money is something I’m really not good at, however, I am doing it and, with the help of extra money from marking exam papers, I’m building a solid savings foundation (at least I was but that’s related to another goal.) I’ve had Dorothy added to my leg and coloured. Next month I go in to finish off the backgrounds which means, finally, I will have finished my Wizard of Oz tattoo. It’s become a bit of a Once Upon A Time themed tat as, completely by accident, my Wicked Witch looks very much like Zelena and, completely intentionally, my Dorothy is modelled on the Ranger Dorothy from the series. It. Looks. AWESOME!

Buy a Bigger House – if you’d asked me which of my goals I’d be the least likely to achieve in 2016 I’d have said it would be this one. Not so it seems, as I’ve managed to sell my house and have bought (subject to contract) a lovely three-bed Victorian terrace. As long as the survey doesn’t turn up anything nasty, this is a thing that is actually happening.

Finish Editing Book 2 – as of yesterday this is done! I missed several self-imposed deadlines but that’s not the  finished it and I think it’s quite good. Have signed up for camp NaNo this month to encourage more writing and am on track to move forward with book 3 in November.

Get Better At My Job – does achieving an award for outstanding contribution to the Academy count? I think it does!
So despite feeling like a D- I’m actually achieving closer to that A!



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