Looking Back Over 2016

So at the start of last year I wrote a blog which was the first time I’d actually written a ‘new year new me’ blog instead of one pretending not to be, and in it I set myself some goals for the upcoming year. Over the course of the year, in a slightly sporadic fashion, I checked in and contemplated my success in each area. Now seems like a good time to look back and sum up how well I did overall (mainly because one of my 2017 goals is to blog more and this feels like an easy in.) Then it would be completely appropriate to set some new targets for 2017.

Earn 25 Medals in 2016 – I finished the year with the Boxing Day dip in Cromer and, at the same time earned medal number 30! So I think we can consider that goal well and truly complete. I now have a medal display of which I am incredibly proud and a strong running habit to boot! Consequently, the knock on effect is that I ran 248 miles last year and now I’ll happily  run anything from 5-12k. 

This year’s goals? I’m looking at half marathon training plans so I guess run a half marathon? That’s really scary so let’s say, train for a half marathon instead. 

Begin Expanding Workouts – Towards the end of last year I started going to Military Circuits on Thursday nights and Body Balance on Fridays. I also attended a few Beach Body sessions on Wednesdays. Even though I’ve only been doing it since October and not every single week, I’ve noticed an improvement in strength and stamina as well as generally toning up. 

This year I need to be more committed and go to every session unless I am away or incapacitated in some way. 

Zombies Run and Tough Mudder – Both completed with better than expected times. I’ve signed up for TM again this year but will have to miss the spring zombies run race as I don’t have the money for it. I’m not too let down by this (unlike last year when I really wanted to run it.) I didn’t get to do the 10k race in Autumn but I did run the Maximum Effort 10k for the Deadpool medal around then anyways. At the time I wrote the blog post which set that target, 10k was a massive goal. Come Autumn, 10k was something I could quite happily manage. 

My goal for TM this year is to do all the obstacles that I find really scary e.g. Hero Walls again and Augustus Gloop if it’s there. Oh and finally conquer Everest!

Meditate More – I swapped Stop Breathe and Think for Headspace and subscribed as I figured I’d be more likely to stick to it if I was paying. Towards the end of the year I was well into a 40 something day streak which was broken only by New Years celebrations. I’m back up to 19 days so, ignoring the 1st I’ve meditated everyday so far. It’s becoming quite a strong habit and I’m definitely feeling the benefits plus I’m now doing 15 minutes a day instead of 10 because 10 was starting to feel too short. 

This year’s goal, I’d like to meditate every day. I’m not going to stress too much about hitting the app targets as I’m not the best at charging my phone so I’m already predicting when I’m in India I’ll probably have days where I don’t have enough charge or 3G to do so. But, I don’t need anything to actually meditate so it’s possible. 

Save More Money, Finish Tattoo and Buy a Bigger House – All achieved. I’m still amazed by the last one, never thought I’d actually be upgrading any time ever. And yet I find myself the proud owner of a three bed Victorian terrace with a wonderful range of quirks. I love it! I’m still trying to balance out my money and get myself into better saving/spending habits. That’s a continued goal for 2017. 

Finish Editing Book 2 and Write Book 3 – Did the edit of Book 2 but haven’t even considered writing anything more. I know I’ll get back to it one day but Amber and her story isn’t my highest priority at the moment. Mainly because this year I want to fully smash my last goal:

Get Better at My Job – Both my GCSE and A level syllabus change in September. I want to take the opportunity to give all of my resources a massive overhaul to make them active and outstanding and therefore improve my teaching. I know I considered this goal achieved last year but I’m reinstating it for 2017 as teaching is always changing meaning what was good enough last year isn’t going to necessarily be good enough this year. 

So overall I’m giving myself an A* for the year – or a 9 on the new grading  scale – as I pretty much achieved everything. Other than the targets already mentioned I’d like to achieve;

Running once a fortnight with B. This run will be just for fun and not a timed/distance specific one. Running with B tends to be a stressful experience so I want to bring the joy back and just enjoy doing something with my boy. 

Dating. I’m doing dating this year. I don’t think I can actually set ‘get a boyfriend’ as a goal but I’m going to try the dating thing at least. Who knows, maybe there’s a special kind of weirdo out there just waiting for someone like me…

Continue being kind. I’m much better than I was but I still give myself a hard time over trivial stuff and occasionally say the most horrible things to myself. I really want to work on this. 

Play more D&D. Whether this means joining another group, joining in online or just harassing my sister until she delivers the goods I NEED to roll more often. Fact. 

Organise all my shit. This is my outside goal because I’m fairly sure if I’ve not succeeded at this in 38 years I’m not going to suddenly do it now. Still, I didn’t think I’d buy a house before 2016 was out so…


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