A Three Week Hiatus

So, good start to the new year, with a blog every week! Ha. So far I think I’m 3 for 3? In my defence, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Well, not entirely. One week was actually mostly comprised of mainly flopping about but, in further defence, I was tired. Also, it had been my birthday. The other two weeks, however, were super busy. As always, the return to work, following half term, was vaguely traumatic and extremely tiring. Didn’t help that I’d had my best friend Hannah come for the last weekend of half-term to drink gin and celebrate birthdays. A weekend with Hannah usually requires a recovery week and therefore normally takes place at the start of a holiday. And so, completely valid excuses aside, I’ve missed three blogs at least and I intend to give them to you. Right now. In three parts. 

This is part one, it’s a cheaty one because it’s nothing more than an apology and statement of intent. Cool? 
Just in case it’s not, in the attempt to generate more content and therefore justify more tags and therefore generate more traffic here’s some pictures of things that I like. Starting with my dog…


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