I Can’t

I have miles to run this week and I don’t think I can. I have two days left to teach and I don’t think I can. I’m so tired I feel like I can’t breathe. All I want to do is wear pajamas and flop around on the sofa and binge watch The Killing on Netflix. 

I feel irrational, one minute like I want to cry, the next I’m battling rage. Last night I lost my temper with B because I felt he’d spent  too long in the garden. Then I did a little cry because I felt so bad for shouting at him and slamming doors.

But I’m going to. I have two weeks of this training plan left and then there’s a rest week. Last week I ran 16 miles, this week will only be a few miles, in total, more. There’s no Circuit Training and I love Body Balance. I know, although the whole point of training is to help increase distance and improve time, I don’t HAVE to smash them all, all the time. As I tell the kids, it’s just important that I try. My lessons are planned, it’s the end of term so most of my classes are doing coursework or revision so my involvement is minimal. Really things aren’t so bad, not when you break them down. I’m just tired, I can work through that right?

Yeah, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


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