Maybe I Could

Just over a week ago I hit the wall. I had 19 miles to run in the course of the week and just couldn’t see how I could. I’d hit the end of term energy slump a week early and figured I had just about enough left to either get through my teaching days or complete my running. I was tearful, irrational, over tired and over emotional and was just about ready to quit. I write all about it here.

That night I went home and I walked B and then I ran 4 miles. On the Friday I ran another 4 after my Body Balance class and on Saturday I ran 7. For the first two I averaged just under 12 minutes a mile, for the long run I was slower but I did it. It wasn’t easy, I didn’t think I could, but I did. On the Friday I also clocked my 500th km running for Abel township – pretty impressive seeing as in December I’d only run 100! That gave me a real boost seeing as it had taken me from January last year to December to run just 100 km  and only from December to March to cover five times that! 

So much for I can’t, eh!


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