Paying it Forward

So a while back I wrote about the time James and I found a wallet and iPhone and returned them, to be given £20 as a reward. You can read all about that time here

I hung onto that money as I felt it wasn’t just mine to spend. I’d not been the one who initially spotted the wallet, James had seen it and suggested we perhaps took steps to ensure its safety, I’d just been the one to return it to the owner. As both of us had done a good thing I figured it was down to both of us to reap the reward from it.

Initially we’d decided to use the money towards sushi for James’ birthday as that meant we would both get to enjoy the reward. Instead, I used it to buy breakfast for all of us, at the local church (which was definitely an experience for sure) as the money for that was going to help refugees and I figured, as the money was an unexpected bonus it was right that it be used towards a good cause. It also pretty much guarantees that our good intentions won’t be used to pave the road to hell. At least that’s how I think it works.

So for the second time, we did a good thing. I don’t know about James, but I felt really good for doing it.


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