Trying to Thrive rather than just Survive

Ok a cheaty post this week…

My lil sis wrote this a while back and I never really gave it the credit it deserved. So many people I know are stuck just trying to survive, including me. It’s so hard juggling job and life and trying to keep your head up when sometimes things look so bleak. The important thing is to remember you’re not alone. This blog reminded me of that at a time when I’d lost my way a little bit.

Good work mei-mei, inspiring, beautifully honest and so very, very reassuring.


This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week has the theme Surviving or Thriving as this week is just over year on from the worst point in my mental health to date; I wanted to look at my own surviving and to see if I had finally reached the destination of thriving. So having listened to the Mental Health Foundations podcast (which if you haven’t and would like to you can find it here) I most certainly during 2015 and the first half of 2016 was surviving. I barely could keep my head above water, just trying to keep on top of the washing, life, house work, work, friends, relationships and everything else was a struggle I just felt I was drowning more and more.

So am I thriving right now? Well I am certainly facing life’s stresses and dealing with its challenges better, I guess you could say I have…

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